2016 Inner Mongolia plans to steel production capacity of 2,912,500 tons

Reporters learned that on August 23 this year, Inner Mongolia steel, coal industry production capacity to work is an orderly way.
Inner Mongolia, director Wang Bingjun Commission by letter to the national steel in the coal industry to resolve overcapacity tenth special inspection inspection team report said, "Thirteen Five" period, the steel industry is going to Inner Mongolia production capacity 3.1 million tons, of which China Stainless Steel Coil production capacity 670 000 tons, iron production capacity of 2.43 million tons, involving Baotou Steel Group and other five companies. Among them, the 2016 plan to 2.9125 million tons of steel production capacity, related equipment have been discontinued last year, in mid-August this year, has completed the equipment storage, water, electricity, etc., is organizing the recent demolition, plans to complete the demolition task before the end of October.
During the "Thirteen Five", the region's coal industry, coal mine plans to exit 65, to 54.14 million tons of production capacity. Among them, the 2016 plan to go coal production capacity of 3.3 million tons, involving 10 coal mines have been discontinued last year, it has been closed since August 7 coal mines, coal mines have been related to removal of production equipment, closed the mine, which is now programmed to perform the relevant mine license hanging (Note) pin formalities.
Inner Mongolia is also illegal in accordance with the provisions of the steel construction project to clean up the rectification, 23 not approved to build the first coal mines have all been discontinued stopped. Wangbing Jun said that since October 2013, Inner Mongolia no approval of new steel capacity projects. Meanwhile, this year the region's coal mines to strictly implement the reduction by 276 days of production requirements, coal production in the first seven months, down 10.4%.



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