Angang Steel Bengang both recombinant clarify the rumors: knowledge

Angang, Benxi, September 20 evening, both issued to clarify the announcement that the two listed companies and their controlling shareholders of the relevant Anshan, Benxi reorganization were unaware, at the same time two listed companies have said there should be no disclosure of information not yet disclosed.
According to Angang Steel announcement that, after verification to the company's controlling shareholder Anshan Iron and Steel Group and other parties concerned, as of now, the relevant Anshan, Benxi reorganization, the controlling shareholder of the Company and its report mentioned are unaware. Currently no information should be disclosed and undisclosed.
Bengang Steel Plates announcement said that after verification of the company's controlling shareholder, so far, the company and controlling shareholder not received any information about the relevant Benxi and Anshan Iron and Steel merger and reorganization matters. Currently no information should be disclosed and undisclosed.
September 20, according to media reports, said: "The next step will be the restructuring of the steel enterprises steel saddle reorganization substantive advance ...... next country-driven merger and reorganization will be subject Angang and Benxi, will soon study, to the end may be announced. "



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