Anhui clear to steel production capacity of the four tasks

Today, the Anhui provincial government issued "on the steel industry to resolve the overcapacity in the development of a turnaround opinions" to require 2016-2020, the province Yajian pig iron production capacity 3.84 million tons of crude steel production capacity of 5.06 million tons; about 29,000 employees to be reemployed people, and strive to complete before the end of 2018. By 2020, steel production and operating costs and debt ratio to further reduce labor productivity and corporate profitability improved significantly, per capita steel production capacity and strive to reach 1,000 tons, the modern enterprise system to further improve the market competitiveness and risk-resisting ability significantly enhanced.
According to the above objectives, the province launched four major implementation tasks.
The first is the new capacity is strictly prohibited. Anhui urged all localities and departments may use any name or by any means filing new China Galvalume Steel Sheet production projects. At the same time, actively guide the effective concentration of production capacity to the advantage of the enterprise; all projects must implement new record steel capacity replacement indicator to the public. New steel production capacity of the project, relevant departments and agencies shall not apply for the supply of land, energy assessment, environmental assessment, safety assessment and approval of additional credit support and other related services. The illegal construction should be held accountable.
It followed resolve excess capacity, according to the law including the exit, guide the initiative to withdraw and dismantle equipment corresponding three initiatives.
According to the law withdraw, no longer want to have the conditions for the survival and development of enterprises, protection shall be given a blood transfusion. Strict implementation of environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety, technology and other laws and regulations and industrial policies, not up to the standard required by law to exit the steel production capacity in accordance with regulations. Guide the initiative to withdraw is to encourage qualified enterprises according to their own development needs, adjust their development strategies quit discontinued production as soon as possible. Steel encourage qualified enterprises to implement cross-industry, cross-ownership mergers and acquisitions reduction exit portion excess capacity. Demolition corresponding device requires iron and steel production capacity out of smelting equipment must be removed accordingly. With the removal of the conditions should be removed immediately; the conditions have temporarily dismantled equipment immediately without water, electricity, removal of the power plant, smelting storage equipment, enterprise to the public promise not to resume production, while the Provincial Commission by letter website publicity, accept social supervision, and limit removed.
Again, Anhui requirements through deepening reform of enterprises, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of steel enterprises. Provincial government clearly stated, Maanshan Iron and Steel Group to optimize the layout around the deepening reform, optimize the state-owned capital to invest, to focus on the industrial chain, value chain focused on high-end, efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of state-owned capital; quality and efficiency around the deepening reform, vigorously fitness and health , cost efficiency and accelerate resolving historical issues. By deepening reform, efforts to reduce production and operation costs, reduce the debt ratio, improve labor productivity, improve profitability, accelerate the establishment of modern enterprise system, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
Finally, the requirements of iron and steel enterprises in Anhui to promote the transformation and upgrading. Localities should resolve the overcapacity combined with regional development planning, industrial planning and other key work to implement, increase technological innovation and transformation efforts to support competitive iron and steel enterprises to implement intelligent manufacturing to further promote green development; strengthening cooperation with downstream steel enterprises, R & D and high-end varieties designed special product customization; optimize the structure of steel consumption, promote the use of energy, materials, lightweight high-quality steel and steel construction.



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