Anti - dumping Investigation on Vietnam H - beam Made in China

October 7, the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry issued a notice, formally launched anti-dumping investigations H-beam. Trade remedy Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce official said in a statement on this, the Chinese side noted that Vietnam has recently been a continuous variety of steel products in China to implement trade remedy measures. The Chinese government is concerned about this.
The person in charge stressed that for a long time, China's steel products for the Vietnamese economic development, especially in infrastructure construction has played an irreplaceable role. Rashly take trade protection, fair market competition and other wrong practices, the development of Vietnam's steel industry is not the right direction and way, is not conducive to the overall situation of bilateral economic and trade development.
The official said that he hoped that the Vietnamese party would exercise prudence, restraint, standardize the use of trade remedy measures, in strict accordance with the rules of WTO fair and transparent investigation, and full protection of Chinese enterprises should have the right to defense. China and Vietnam have broad cooperation space and prospects in the field of iron and steel. China is willing to strengthen exchanges and communication with Vietnam and properly solve the problems faced by the current steel industry.



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