Baosteel completed ahead of this year to 3.95 million tons of excess capacity target

August 17, to the restructuring of enterprises SASAC Director Li Bing, head of the Bureau of SASAC inspection and supervision group, Baosteel inspection and supervision to resolve the overcapacity of China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet implementation. Steering group field visits and detailed understanding of the relevant production line shut down, staff triage and disposition of assets.
Steering group spoke highly of Baosteel
Baosteel firmly implement the Party Central Committee and State Council on promoting supply-side structural reforms to resolve the excess steel production capacity of major decisions, according to the requirements put forward by the SASAC, the full implementation of the resolve of steel overcapacity objectives and tasks. Baosteel in resolving overcapacity work, leadership attention, organize effectively, and move quickly to put in place, has been completed ahead of schedule in 2016 to resolve the overcapacity of scheduled tasks. During triage personnel smooth and orderly, ensures that the company and social stability. This initiative is Baosteel pressure to cut energy, optimize the industrial layout, the results of the implementation of comprehensive structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading.
The CPC Central Committee and the State Council, in 2016 the steel industry to resolve excess capacity, a crucial year to promote supply-side structural reforms. Time has entered in August, how Baosteel progress? The following information together to understand.
Commitment three active pressure can cut 9.2 million tons
Baosteel closely around the "reform, restructuring, innovation," the three main lines to carry out structural reforms to promote the supply side, adhere to the steel industry as the core, strategic planning, deepen reform, resolve excess capacity, promote the transformation and development.
According to "the State Council on the steel industry to resolve overcapacity in a turnaround of development," and "the State Council on resolving serious excess capacity contradictory guidance," Baosteel according to the overall strategic planning, combined with changes in the steel market, weigh the iron and steel subsidiaries resources, markets, after the subjective and objective factors of products, production lines, production scale initiative regulator, implementation and quality and reduction of economic operation.
According to the State Council SASAC "Baosteel resolve excess capacity plan" with the SASAC and the signing of the "central enterprises to solve the coal iron and steel overcapacity achieve development goals turnaround responsibility" arrangement, Baosteel self-pressurized, 2016--2018 three years focus on tackling.

Baosteel set up a leading group to resolve excess capacity, the party secretary of Baosteel chairman Xu Le Jiang, general manager of Baosteel, party secretary Chen Derong headed. To further implement the responsibility, Baosteel and its subsidiaries signed a "resolve the overcapacity of steel coal turnaround achieve the development goals of responsibility" and the completion of the annual performance evaluation of leading subsidiaries linked to the task "responsibility" requirements.
Ahead of schedule this year to 3.95 million tons of excess capacity target
Baosteel rainy day, will go to a combination of excess capacity and optimization of steel distribution, ahead of schedule this year to 3.95 million tons of excess capacity target. The elimination of outdated equipment at the same time, Baosteel vigorously carry out energy-saving renovation, promote green manufacturing.
Shanghai Baosteel adjusted to optimize the structure of the steel industry, and expand development, enhance competitiveness, combined with the adjustment and implementation of the overall planning of Shanghai city, improving the urban regional environmental situation and promote the integration of urban and industrial development, Baosteel offered on Shanghai Wusong area steel industry structure adjustment. Baosteel and Shanghai, according to "reduction, efficiency, adjustment and development" approach, the Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel industrial restructuring regional cooperation agreement, Baosteel Wusong regional steel industry to implement comprehensive structural adjustment.

In business transformation driven staff restructuring
2016-2018, Baosteel steel resolve excess capacity, poor disposal of zombie companies and enterprises special treatment, involving diversion of many employees. In accordance with the principle of "iron and steel overcapacity can not resolve a reduction of the steel workers were not a transition back," the Baosteel subordinate subsidiaries in accordance with their own conditions and characteristics of the area, were developed different personnel diversion program.
1 fulfill their responsibilities
Human resources optimization, Baosteel actively fulfill its corporate social responsibility and political responsibility. In "Keep the backbone, leaving little more back, multi-turn less support, low cost, low risk" for the guidelines, in order to achieve a win-win for the employees and business objectives, people-oriented, encourage employees to multi-channel transformation. Direct job transfer, co-solution, own businesses, until retirement, training and waiting list and then posts such as the six exit channels.
2, the linkage between government and enterprises
Baosteel staff triage and restructuring and development work, has been attached great importance to the government and support. Linkage between government and enterprises, Baosteel and local governments set up a joint coordination group to upgrade. Employees exit policy, employment and external business development and other aspects of foreign subsidiaries, with the provincial and municipal levels of government to reach a consensus.
3, the service staff
Baosteel also set up a human resource center for not hiring staff service. Timely collection, analysis staff ideological trends, to provide psychological counseling for employees, within its capacity to solve practical problems of employees. Through the development of detailed site security programs, maintenance of stability and public opinion, special plans and other special plans, staff restructuring and development to achieve a smooth and effective manner. Incentive policies formulated in the post of staff, the staff of the expected income can be seen and touched and considered clear. At the same time, focusing on the difficulties workers, special groups, focus groups, implementation of the "one person, one table" management.
4, innovation vector
Baosteel intends to land, employees, plant or even stop production of blast furnace combined into new platforms and new carriers, new integration with the city's new industrial economy.
Use part of the original steel plate plant, planning and construction of "a passenger space + professional services + + investment fund technology platform" Wusong business park, focusing on the development of advanced materials, 3D printing, energy, environmental protection and other technology industries and modern services. Steel plates of land, water and atmosphere equipment and detection systems and other equipment, will be productive as a business park service resources.
Baosteel stainless large blast after discontinuation, through creative design, transformed into industrial museums and creative space. These initiatives aim to employees through corporate restructuring, together with, let people play shunt technical expertise to find new space for development in the new economy.
To this end, Baosteel set up "production city integration", "the Combination", "production network integration" and other training courses, combined with corporate business park, creating new business Baosteel to help employees transition smoothly.
Next plan
Resolved by steel overcapacity, Baosteel steel industry layout more reasonable, improved quality of steel products, and gradually increase the degree of integration of the city, personnel efficiency promoted in recent years, the iron and steel industry-wide downturn in the state, Baosteel has remained profitable major mass incidents that affect social stability occurred.
Next, will focus on promoting Baosteel and Xinjiang Bayi Steel work to resolve steel production capacity, with the SASAC Baosteel and Xinjiang Bayi Iron & Steel Structural Adjustment Government and Xinjiang Iron and Steel layout adjustment in accordance with the consensus reached by the communication and coordination, will increase eight steel production capacity to 3 million tons.
Over the next three years, Baosteel Group to resolve excess capacity totaling 12.2 million tons, accounting for 20% of the existing capacity.



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