Baotou No.2 blast demolished Yajian iron production capacity 1.33 million tons

31 morning, Baotou Iron and Steel Group ironworks No. 2 blast furnace demolition work officially started, which is the country's iron and steel industry to promote the capacity of the largest since the removal of a blast furnace, the production capacity of 1.33 million tons of iron Yajian.
Baotou Steel Group, said Deputy General Manager Wang Shengping, Baotou Steel ironworks No. 2 blast furnace was built in 1959, commissioned in September next year, initially effective volume of 1513 cubic meters of blast furnace. After several post-transformation expansion, the volume increased to 1800 cubic meters, the average daily output of iron is also raised to 3930.67 tons, since the service has accumulated 36.06 million tons of iron production. The blast Baotou Steel Group for the development of the new China and the iron and steel industry, played a big supporting role for the country's economic construction provides a large number of China Aluzinc Steel Sheet Coil products, it is a veritable feats blast.
By the historical conditions of the limited construction time, environmental protection and other design Baotou Steel Group ironworks No. 2 blast furnace has been difficult to meet the new requirements. For the old ironworks area of environmental protection and upgrading facilities, Baotou Steel Group decided to dismantle the relevant work is expected to be completed before the end of November this year.



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