Because of the haze environmental protection officers have been stationed in enterprises

Because of the haze environmental protection officers have been stationed in enterprises
"Because the haze of reasons, and now environmental officials have been stationed to the enterprise." Qian'an City, Hebei Province Environmental Protection, a town, a staff member told the China Youth Daily reporter.
Tangshan city government website announcement shows that from at 20:00 on December 8th, the city from heavy pollution weather yellow warning upgraded to orange alert in response to the three secondary response, "Please units in strict accordance with the" Tangshan heavy pollution weather warning emergency response plan "requirements, the implementation of emergency response measures immediately, efforts to reduce emissions."
At 17 o'clock on December 9, Qian'an City air pollution index was 380, it is a serious pollution levels. Like weather, Qian'an City environmental protection departments to take "package prices" measures, the environmental protection department will give each company accredited "responsible person", usually in pairs. Responsible person primarily responsible for overseeing the production of sewage whether the target, found that companies sewage is not compliance, we stop production immediately.
9, the staff received the directives of superiors, starting from 12:00 stationed enterprises. He was assigned to the jurisdiction of a state-owned steel plant green "responsible person", within a year to oversee this major steel plant. "At the beginning of the year on the set, everyone packs companies, paper mills, ironworks and so have environmental personnel stationed," he was responsible for the steel had been "halved production." Such arrangements Mill from 2014 began to regularly conduct focus monitoring is within the jurisdiction of steel.
"Package prices", he room and board are in the factory yard. "At the same time take notes, find out what the problem, environmental protection departments and enterprises linkage, non-compliance was discontinued." They chimney smoke into the plant to observe the color, smell the smell, "From a visual point of view, popular terms, if the chimney emissions is White smoke means standards, but if the smoke is white, the tail is black does not work. "
In his view, the environmental information to monitor his factory is very transparent, and the EPA very complex. "By business line monitoring, including the Environmental Protection Agency also has information center control room, data production, sewage can see."
"Because it is state-owned enterprises, who can not afford the liability. SOE basically does not have this (waste-water treatment or non-compliance), the local environmental protection department with the police department set up a safety and environmental protection brigade together, companies who are not corrected, the brigade will be able to take security ring coercive measures. "He said the current steel corporate environmental facilities primarily desulphurization and dust removal equipment.
But villagers told reporters wood factory town, in the haze of the night or day, companies are more likely to waste-water treatment, "because it gets dark, or haze obscured, not easy to find."
In this regard, the environmental protection of the staff said they were not "packet level" when it will open "white with black" and "5 + 2" mode, At 34 o'clock and at 78 o'clock when the raids, weekends rest.
Qian'an because mining and metallurgical industry developed, also known as "iron Qian'an." Thus, the exhaust gas steel mills, coking plant emissions is considered to be one of the causes haze. However, according to him, compared to the previous, current Qian'an Iron and Steel Plant have been a lot less.
The staff of environmental protection, said: "Qian'an iron ore and more, the last time a town there are dozens of small iron and steel plant, the whole Qian'an there are thousands."
But over the years the steel market downturn, small businesses are now discontinued. On the one hand it is the environmental restrictions, requiring the elimination of backward production capacity; the one hand, market reasons, small businesses fend for themselves, steel overcapacity off a large number.
Accordingly, resource-based urban transformation became Qian'an "big" and "difficult", informed source, Qian'an is in transition, to tourism, light industry, manufacturing and other aspects of turn, not based on resource-based.
In fact, the diversified development of urban industrial structure is only to protect the environment leg, the other leg is to change the energy structure problems.
"Not only other area of Tangshan, Hebei, winter heating and power generation with coal-fired many, coal is one of the causes of haze." A home in Tangshan, Hebei Province CPPCC members told reporters, Tangshan, Hebei whole region should be change the energy structure, adopt clean energy, cut off the root causes of air pollution.
In Qian'an, state-controlled and provincial control of key sources of pollution enterprises 31. Among them, the iron and steel enterprises 7 (a discontinued), coking enterprises have six (a shut down).
It is understood that the current Qian'an steel, coking enterprises to limit production by 50%. December 10, a staff member Qian'an environmental protection department has just come back from town "package prices", told reporters, according to the emergency plan Qian'an Qian'an EPA specially formulated emergency response plan, legally binding, this year 9 January was revised.
According to plan, in the face of major events or weather severe pollution, accordingly adopt a different plan. During this haze, "starting with the three plans Qian'an, to the 8th night is the second plan, limited production 50%."
In order to supervise business execution plans, local environmental protection bureau stationed to the enterprise, "Every business is a township cadres, EPA two people, shifts 24 hours, 24 hours to ensure the supervision and inspection of environmental protection facilities is running in place."
Companies also have their own contingency plans, including monitoring whether the enterprise supervision to implement their contingency plans. "For example, written contingency plan should limit production or discontinued No.1 furnace, we went to check on the 1st oven is not already limited production, cut-off." The staff explained.
Qian'an City Environmental Protection Bureau in the implementation of their emergency response plans, also taking into account the actual situation of enterprises. For example, if the stew furnace coking enterprises 72 hours, it may lead to accidents. Glass (810, -3.00, -0.37%) plant only limited production 30% lower yield if pollution may be greater. Winter heating and power industry limited production. Three warning time, the cement industry allowed to produce during the day, 20:00 to 8:00 the next day production, post-secondary alert all the cement industry all the cut.
"Mainly cement and steel glass coking these, like volatile organic industry does not expressly request, but we are now asking them to limit production by 50%." The staff said.
Qian'an government level, in order to coordinate the various functional departments linkage. After the "Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act," introduced in Qian'an city government set up a new atmosphere to do. The staff said that the current levels of government do regard the atmosphere located in the environmental protection department.
As a government agency, the atmosphere do have the right to coordinate the city's departments, including various 16 government departments transportation, electricity, public security and so on. "Downtime belongs housing construction sector management, closed pipe belonging to the education sector, the parking, the limit line is the Public Security Bureau tube." The staff said, "under the direction of MIIT discontinued Board, the Steering discontinued business is EPA."
While performing supervision, the Qian'an City Environmental Protection Bureau is also concerned about pollution analysis, want to know the proportions of contamination. According to informed sources, "Qian'an July this year, ready to do the analytical work sources, with a University of Hebei negotiations over", but later shelved.
Environmental protection department, said the staff member, working in front-line environmental monitoring, supervision and law enforcement personnel and permits are relatively scarce. Now frontline staff Qian'an City Environmental Protection Bureau, 80 people, including 20 people have a new version of supervision and law enforcement certificate, which more than 20 people, there are some women, "lesbian needs children, if there are tasks not midnight easy to send them to. "
Qian'an area of environmental inspectors throughout 19 townships, there are six available vehicles, vehicle enough time, they opened a private car or taxi to go.
"Environmental protection department a lot of pressure, not only the pressure of work, as well as the responsibility of society, bigger than the working pressure." The staff said.



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