Brazil, China seamless steel pipe anti-dumping final

Recently, the Brazilian Trade and Industry Services Division I note Embassy in economic and commercial, in accordance with Circular No. 65 of resolution Foreign Trade Commission in July 2016 21 On the official daily publication, originating in China seamless China Galvalume Steel Sheet pipe (the product concerned Mercosur and heading for the 73043110,73043190,73043910,73043920 73,043,990) made final anti-dumping, since the publication date of entry into force of the resolution, valid for 5 years. Final Specific measures are as follows:
1, for Yangzhou Lontrin Steel Tube Co., Ltd company levy of $ 1009.29 / ton definitive anti-dumping duties;
2, Hangzhou Zhedong Steel Tube Products Co., Ltd. ubei Xinyegang Steel Co., Ltd. And Wuxi Jiangnan High Precision Cold-Drawn Pipe Co., Ltd. The three companies, in Annex 2 of the known producers / exporters, and other unknown producers / exporters levy of $ 1356.90 / ton definitive anti-dumping duties.
List 2 Enterprise resolution details and accessories, see Official Gazette of Pakistan:
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