Central level coded bursts of military orders to production capacity

Coal and China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet were not more than half the annual task schedule different places
Central to the production capacity of overweight comprehensive inspection starts
Triage personnel and disposal of debt facing greater pressure
As to the production capacity of the first battle of the five tasks of structural reforms, in February this year, the first in the coal and steel industry started, but as of late July, were completed only 38% and 47% of the objectives and tasks of different places and serious progress. "Economic Information Daily" reporters learned that the central level bursts of "military order" overweight to capacity, the local state-owned enterprises and task completion time was brought forward to early November and the end, has launched a comprehensive inspection. The place also corresponds to refine the programs and measures to increase the intensity of the battle in the second half.
The industry people believe that excess capacity in the second half to resolve the very difficult task, leaving hard row to hoe need to overcome. With September approaching climax shut down, personnel placement, exposure to non-performing loans will increase pressure. According to reports, relevant departments are studying the development of specific measures for implementation through multiple channels to promote mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring, bankruptcy liquidation, according to the law the disposal of a good production capacity out of the debt problems of enterprises involved.
According to the State Council issued the Coal and Steel resolve the overcapacity guidance, beginning in 2016, with three to five years, quit coal production capacity of about 500 million tons, about 500 million tons reduction restructuring, crude steel production target to the five in Yajian 100 million to 150 million tons. Among them, this year to get rid of coal and steel production capacity was 2.5 million tons and 45 million tons.
"As of late July, the country has accumulated quit coal production capacity of more than 9500 tons, completed only 38% of the target task, especially in July, quit less than 10 million tons of production capacity, the progress has lagged far behind schedule, and the CPC Central Committee and State Council's requirements Differs greatly."
National Development and Reform Commission deputy Renlian Wei Liang said in August 11 announced the "go on coal production and special enforcement action carried out situation briefing" on.
According to reports, Hunan, Jiangsu completed about 80% of the amount of annual objectives and tasks, Beijing and other five provinces are completed more than 50%. However, Inner Mongolia and other four provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have no substantial production capacity out; other three provinces of Jiangxi completion percentage is less than 10%. And more than 50 percent over the fourth quarter of the current arrangements for the annual task of the task accounts, which accounted for more than one-third of December, to finish the work focused on the end of a very prominent, non-performing annual risk is very high.
Iron and steel production capacity to the situation is similar, only the end of July to complete 47% of annual objectives and tasks. Among them, Zhejiang and other provinces, the first to complete four tasks throughout the year, Hebei and other eight provinces to complete the schedule between 10-35%, 2.3% completed Chongqing, Inner Mongolia and other 10 provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and other regions have not yet started work on the substantive .
In this regard, recently held the steel and coal industry to resolve capacity ministerial joint conference specifically, to fight for the end of November before the full completion of the annual coal production capacity to the task, the central enterprises and provincial state-owned coal enterprises should strive to complete in early November.
By "real thing" a clear signal to local governments to speed up the production speed. Agency expects September will enter the shut down climax. "Economic Information Daily" reporters learned that Hunan completed 82.9% annual state-assigned tasks. Iron and steel, the main are Valin Group CERI (Xiangtan) Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. 500,000 tons of steel production capacity Yajian, the task can be completed at the end of August.
As coal resources in Heilongjiang province, also introduced at the end of July to resolve the coal overcapacity embodiment, beginning in 2016, with three to five years to exit the coal mine 44 exit capacity 25.67 million tons (450,000 tons province) . Wherein the larger difficulty is the Northeast's largest coal enterprise Dragon Coal Group, involving 18.14 million tons production capacity out of 50,000 people and shunt placement.
The latest filing shows, Dragon Coal Group in the first quarter of this year still a loss of 10 million. "Reached a crucial stage of reform, although the group's overall relatively stable, but the accumulation of years of business history and current national conflicts coal prices, the pressure to maintain normal operation and reasonable cash flow not been fundamentally alleviated, personnel triage, business and other issues still outstanding . "company, a grass-roots cadres to the" economic Information Daily "correspondent said.
This problem is not alone. Shanxi arrangement in accordance with, this year will be 20 million tons of coal production capacity exits, six belong to the large state-owned coal group of 21 coal mines will be closed exit. "At present, the basic goal of mine have been shut down, the next step is to fully exit the equipment removed, required to complete the end of November." A person in charge Jinneng Group publicity department, told reporters that the next most important, the most difficult work staff is split.
Following the August 3rd, 4th series of meetings overweight coal, after steel to capacity, August 10, Shanxi Province issued the "Opinions can Staffing work on doing excess coal steel industry," and proposed future will be diverted through the internal transfer job placement, to encourage self-employment and other employee placement channels.
Another is to be solving difficult problems trillions in debt. People's Bank of China Changsha Branch of the person in charge, the end of June the coal, steel and other key industries to capacity long-term loans in the first half net down 10.6 billion yuan, up down 890 million yuan. But to stop production capacity may result, banks stopped lending and other short-term phenomenon, further exacerbating the NPL exposure pressure.
It is understood that the CBRC is on "on the coal industry to resolve a number of opinions steel overcapacity in financial claims and liabilities disposed of" comments to the parties at the local level also make some attempt. CBRC Shanxi Bureau, the original short-term liquidity and long-term restructuring of loans for the transformation and upgrading of special loans.



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