Central to send 10 inspection teams to supervise coal to steel production

Today, the National Development and Reform Commission deputy Renlian Wei Liang, introducing the steel overcapacity in the coal industry to resolve special inspection work program, said local governments and enterprises for the current overcapacity in the steel coal uneven progress, etc., focusing on supervision and eight aspects, including mission decomposition and implementation schedule, the actual exit capacity, the award make use of funding, placement of workers and so on.
State Council Information Office of the State Council held a policy of routine briefing today, Development and Reform Commission deputy Renlian Wei Liang and Industry and the Ministry of Information Industry Secretary Zhou Changyi raw materials, coal iron and China Stainless Steel Coil industry introduced to resolve the overcapacity situation special inspection program of work and Q & A .
Even Victoria Liang, as of the end of July, the iron and steel industry production capacity of 21.26 million tons exit to complete the annual target of 45 million tons assignments 47%; exit the coal industry production capacity of more than 9500 tons, the annual amount of 250 million tons of goals and tasks 38 %, in some areas it has been the annual task. Meanwhile, around the work progress is uneven and there are, there are a few areas of steel, coal production capacity to a relatively slow start, progress needs to be accelerated.
Even Victoria Liang said that to urge local enterprises to further enhance their understanding and promote effective policies and measures ground, that the annual goals and tasks in strict accordance with the requirements and time schedule node successfully completed, the State Council decided to carry out a nationwide coal for steel resolve the overcapacity special inspection work. The State Council executive meeting deployment requirements, inspection program was officially issued August 17, inter-ministerial meeting in accordance with the requirements of the State Council organized 10 inspection teams, starting next week, we will continue to go to the provinces and municipalities to carry out supervision.
Even Victoria Liang introduced the main content on the supervision. The main localities and enterprises for the current overcapacity in the steel coal uneven progress, etc., focusing on supervision and eight aspects:
First, resolve the coal iron and steel overcapacity situation concerning the implementation of the policy. Focusing on supervision various localities and departments do not whether there are policies in place, the introduction of supporting measures and other issues not timely.
Second, the task decomposition and implementation schedule. Governments at all levels focus on supervision, whether the implementation of the central business area, the companies to resolve the overcapacity overall responsibility requirements, whether the task decomposition into concrete business projects, responsible. In particular, and to ensure the progress of the implementation of mechanisms and measures to accomplish a task.
Third, the actual production capacity exits. Whether focusing on supervision and progress around the central enterprises in accordance with embodiments determine the requirements and time node, the real excess capacity Yajian quit, quit the scene to view the capacity to do if the device removed, shut mine off well, can not be restored.
Fourth prize up funding usage. Whether focusing on supervision of local government through various channels to raise the funds required capacity, whether formulated special award up funds management rules, whether to allocate funds timely disbursement award complement and in strict accordance with relevant provisions of the management and use.
Fifth Staffing situation. Focusing on supervision and whether the introduction of specific measures for implementation resettlement workers, whether done according to the law in accordance with policy procedures by employees to be reemployed; whether rewards and subsidies in strict accordance with the provisions for workers shunt placement.
Sixth, carry out "three special action" situation. Focusing on supervision over the phase out backward, clean up illegal construction projects, joint law enforcement special operations situation, whether to carry out a comprehensive safety, environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, land, mining and other enforcement and compliance checking whether the strict implementation of the reduction of coal mine production measures .
Seven is the information public, accept supervision and file management and so on. Focus on supervision of local government capacity to establish whether relevant information publicity system, whether to go to production projects in time open to social supervision, whether to establish a body responsible credit history, strengthen social supervision.
Eighth, to promote advanced experience summed up the situation. Focus on understanding whether actively explore effective ways to produce work, summed up the typical experience and good practices, to play a leading role model, to solve common problems.



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