China's steel history was anti-dumping investigation up to a total of 210 involved in the amount of over 10 billion!

Global steel overcapacity, anti-dumping, countervailing or safeguard measures such as steel trade friction in recent years, the trend was accelerated upward. China, as the largest exporter of steel, is also the country with the largest number of protection investigations in the history of global trade. According to the International Department of Iron and Steel incomplete statistics, from 1991 to October 8, 2016 period, the foreign launch of China's various types of steel trade protection measures have reached 210, involving 24 countries and regions, involving more than 10 billion .
The United States is China's largest anti-dumping countries, from hot coil, plate, rebar, wire to all types of steel pipe, to cold rolled and galvanized coil, almost all varieties have been limited. The EU is accelerating trade defense, export powerhouse protection in Southeast Asia is heating up, India has frequently introduced initiatives, China's steel is being the traditional export market containment. Emerging in Brazil, Argentina and other South America and South Africa also began to investigate, we can export to which countries? Which varieties have the opportunity?
At present, the International Department of Iron and Steel has put the world's major steel varieties of China's anti-dumping and other trade protection measures to sort out the contents of the sponsor, the involved species, the tariff number, launch time, final decision or review results (table , Part of the data slightly), all the information will be entered a new version of "Iron and Steel Export Practical Guide", to participate in the October 21 held in Tangshan, "China Steel Export Summit Forum" was complimentary.
Although many cases of foreign steel trade protection in China, but the Chinese steel enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises responding is not active, on the one hand the legal consciousness is weak, on the other hand I do not know how to deal with. In recent years, some domestic steel mills in the positive response has achieved good results, to obtain zero tax rate or low tax rate, so that other steel mills can not export the case, these mills can still export, export profits and market share are Promotion.
How to deal with anti-dumping, most steel mills are still at a loss. In order to popularize the relevant knowledge, my iron and steel special go to Jiarun law firm partner Shen Nan lawyer, in the "China Steel Export Summit Forum" published "how to deal with foreign steel trade protection" keynote speech.
Mr. Shen Nan has been engaged in anti-dumping for 15 years. He has participated in bilateral and multilateral negotiation and negotiation of high-level delegation of Chinese Ministry of Commerce. He has rich experience in anti-dumping cases in various countries and regions. Targeted for large state-owned and private iron and steel enterprises, listed companies and foreign-funded enterprises. Lawyer Shen Nan in more than 40 countries initiated more than 40 cases of anti-dumping and countervailing cases, for nearly 80 customers with legal services, have achieved zero tax rate or the lowest tax rate outstanding performance. ( International Department)



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