Chinese steel products will not cause serious impact on the EU steel industry

August 17, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang at a regular press conference, the EU steel trade protection measures in terms of response that can not be said to have been or about to break out a new round of trade war between China and the EU. But in the recent EU steel sector showed the tendency of trade protectionism, the Chinese side expressed great concern and worry.
Shen Danyang said that this year, it is regrettable to see the EU under appeal protectionist forces for a variety of China Aluzinc Steel Sheet Coil products China trade remedy measures, adopted a series of unfair and unreasonable even in violation of international rules. EU policy tightening in the steel trade, means tighter, frequent cases, protectionist tendencies outstanding.
Shen Danyang stressed that the Chinese steel products in the EU market share of less than 5%, no serious impact on the EU steel industry. The root causes of the current predicament of European steel Where? Many experts have insight and analysis made it clear that the roots are not European steel trade difficulties, but due to weak economic growth. If you do not see the plight of EU steel root of the problem is growth, and trade protection, restrictions fair market competition and other wrong practices, will make the EU steel industry development disoriented, can not find the right way to respond. Therefore, I hope the EU rational analysis and objective look at the current problems of the steel industry, and more from the front to guide public opinion, prudent trade remedy investigations initiated and adopt trade restrictive measures, rather than the release of hundreds of trade protection signal, incite protectionist sentiment.
Shen Danyang also stressed steel trade between China and Europe is mutually beneficial. China's steel market is open, China also imports large quantities of steel products per year from the European Union. China's exports of steel products in favor of the European Union in difficult times to promote infrastructure construction, but also to consumers and some companies have brought tangible benefits to enhance the global competitiveness of the EU downstream industries. In addition, the development of China's steel industry, the EU benefit from the huge, most Chinese steel equipment are imported from the EU. Thus Central Europe in the steel sector has a vast potential for cooperation and space, China is willing to strengthen communication and cooperation with the EU, and properly solve the current problems facing the steel industry.
Chinese government has always advocated prudence, restraint and regulate the use of trade remedy measures, various trade measures should strictly abide by WTO rules, fair, just and transparent implementation. We hope that the EU strictly abide by WTO rules to fully protect the rights of Chinese enterprises defense. We stand by the exchange of consultations, cooperation and other means to resolve trade friction and achieve mutual benefit and win-win. By industry exchanges and consultations to resolve trade friction has been successful precedent. Of course, the light has good intentions are not enough, when necessary, "soldiers to be blocked, the water to soil cover," we will use legal means to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.



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