Domestic steel prices fell after rising for the iron ore market shocks

After rising continuously, the domestic spot market China Stainless Steel Coil prices fell, market sentiment worthy of attention. Imported iron ore market price of around $ 60 a tonne price continues to shock consolidation.
According to the latest market report well-known steel information organizations "My iron and steel" to provide the latest week, the domestic spot steel price index closed at 99.96 points, down 1.03% week. Recently, the Black futures prices fell sharply once, tons of steel billet price is down first and then rebounded, currently priced at 2270 yuan, down 80 yuan in general within a week. Affected by this, the overall steel spot market price volatility down, closing weak market confidence was affected. After just has to pick up in the latter part of the week the city and billet prices, some domestic mills representative raised prices in early September, the spot steel prices have rebounded slightly.
According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, prices fell. Shanghai, Jinan, Guangzhou and other places t price fell one week 10-140 yuan, only Beijing and Tianjin, Urumqi, and other individual local price was up slightly. Can be seen in Shanghai and other markets, weak steel prices had faded after a continuous rise, but still overall turnover, the market inventory pressure. Now the "Golden September" Traditional steel sales season, which for a certain boost to business confidence.
In the plate market, prices generally fall. Hot rolled coil prices fell, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Wuhan and other places t price one week fell 20-110 yuan; Handan, Taiyuan, Urumqi, and other individual market price was up slightly. Many businesses impression is that spot prices stable and downs, lack of market transactions enthusiasm, but low inventories, high cost, and other factors exist for the current season is expected steel prices also supported. Plate prices fell in most parts of t price one week fell 10-80 yuan, only in some places prices rose slightly. Some local transactions in general, poor trading conditions in some places, but market sentiment still can.
Iron ore market to maintain the shock consolidation trend. According to the latest report of the relevant institutions in the domestic ore market, Hebei iron powder prices continue to rise slightly, but poor turnover, steel mills mostly low inventory strategy based, procurement initiative is not strong. Imported iron ore prices fell after the first rise, t price $ 60 mark regained. As of 1 May, 62% grade iron ore-related index closed at 60.15 US dollars per ton, unchanged from the previous week. Domestic steel blast furnace operating rate rose slightly, the increase in demand for iron ore, iron ore port stocks continued to decline. However, mainstream institutions for iron ore outlook remains cautious judgment.
Relevant institutions analysts believe that August domestic manufacturing and steel industry PMI index in more than 50% of the expansion zone, showing the domestic economy appeared positive change in the current, market confidence in the Chinese economy and the future needs of the steel market has been enhanced. Into September, the traditional shopping season after the steel market, steel market demand is expected to increase the terminal, in addition to iron and steel "to the production capacity," urging the implementation of the policy, the domestic steel market supply and demand situation is expected to further improve, the domestic steel prices will show a rising trend shocks.



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