Domestic steel prices rose iron ore market rose slightly

National Day holiday, the domestic spot steel prices rose significantly. Although the price rose slightly after the transaction affected, but the market can still support the surface. Iron ore market is also slowly upstream, ore imports hit a single month's high during the year.
According to the latest market report provided by China's leading steel information organization, "My Steel", the domestic spot steel price index closed at 100.16 points and up 2.37% for the week. At present, the price volatility of the black futures futures is stronger, Prices hit a new high; billet t price has risen to 2160 yuan. The overall spot price of steel shocks, or significantly expanded. Pull up prices in the week after the late turnover has shrunk, prices rose slightly less power.
The overall construction steel market prices rose sharply. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other places a ton of prices rose 40 to 360 yuan a week, only Shenyang, Harbin, a slight decline in market prices. In Shanghai and other markets can be seen in the futures prices and costs continue to support the upward line of the case, the overall turnover of the market well, businesses actively pulled up, the market pressure on the stock is not too much.
The overall market price rose significantly. Hot rolled coil prices as a whole, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang and other places a ton of up 10 yuan to 160 yuan a week, only a slight decline in market prices in Jinan. The more common situation is: the price rebounded significantly, the transaction gradually shrinking, which makes the merchant's shipping will become stronger, the key is the current, inventory pressure is not, the basic balance of supply and demand, so the market is still able to run smoothly. Plate prices rose as a whole, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changsha and other places a ton of prices rose 30 yuan to 170 yuan.
Iron ore market was small and stable. According to the latest report of the relevant agencies, in the domestic ore market, Hebei Province after the holiday price of iron powder basically stable, some steel mills have implemented "fill library" program. Imported ore prices rose slightly after the holiday, as of 13, 62% grade iron ore index closed at 57 US dollars per ton, up $ 1.05 before the holiday. According to customs statistics, in September China's monthly imports of iron ore hit a new high during the year. At present, the domestic steel mills despite profit margins squeezed, but the funds generally better than the previous period, steel blast furnace operating rate remained high, iron ore procurement is still active.
Analysis of relevant institutions, the recent coal prices continued to rise sharply to produce long steel products such as construction steel-based enterprises, increased losses, steel mills and maintenance arrangements by the cut in the gradual increase. In addition, the spread between the plate and long products, steel mills in the scheduling of the transfer to the plate, long supply of materials has been a downward trend. Short-term, the domestic steel prices will show a trend of shock rise.



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