Domestic steel prices rose slightly expanded

China Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet futures once ascribed billet t price cumulative gains of hundred dollars, these have become domestic steel prices rose to expand the "push up" factor. Iron ore market despite ups and downs, but the overall trend is a shock.
According to the latest market report well-known steel information organizations "My iron and steel" to provide the latest week, the domestic spot steel price index closed at 97.52 points, a week rose 1.93%. Currently, after the Black futures prices shot up shock consolidation run, tons of steel billet price has risen $ 100, reached 2280 yuan price. Affected by these factors, the overall steel spot market price shocks is to rise before the more expanded. Although steel prices after the market shrinking turnover, but in late July, average daily production of domestic crude steel and steel enterprises focus stock volume has declined, coupled with Baosteel, Shagang's latest ex-factory and other large steel mills out of the "rose plate "steel market" do more "warm and still, the price correction in the strong side run.
According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, prices rose in the expansion. Shanghai, Hefei, Beijing, Tianjin and other places t price week rose 10-90 yuan, only Jinan, Guangzhou and a few other places prices fell slightly. In Beijing, Tianjin, the market price rose sharply, mainly due to strong futures and billet prices, but in the week when prices have come down, overall turnover in general. In and Out of steel "very price" part of the market situation, the price trend is still able to maintain a relatively strong side of the state.
On the plate market prices. Hot rolled coil prices rose significantly, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other places t price week rose 20-120 yuan. There is a more general phenomenon: When prices rise, volume is not ideal, even in some areas, "there is no market price." But at least, the stock market is not high, there are some support to the market forces. Plate prices continue to rise, Shanghai, Jinan, Guangzhou, tons of price week rose 20-100 yuan. In some areas, after the price upward, the overall turnover of the market situation has taken a turn good sign, traders mentality generally bullish market pessimism reduce overall inventory levels the market is not large, this state should be said that we are quite ideal.
Iron ore market overall is a concussion. According to the latest report of the organization, in the domestic ore market in Hebei iron powder prices continue to rise. With respect to imported ore, the recent domestic iron concentrate price advantage is gradually emerging, steel procurement initiative to increase market resources more scarce, the market turnover improved. Imported ore price is rose and then fell, as at 11, 62% grade iron ore-related index closed at 59.95 US dollars per ton, down $ 1.7 week. In July, China's iron ore imports increased by 2.3 million tonnes, in December 2015 was the second highest on record just below. With the global iron ore prices have risen after a period of time, planning and production of Australian iron ore producers in Brazil's recent "tone" change, they have raised yield expectations. Estimation of imported iron ore prices will remain around $ 60 a tonne price sort.
Analysis of relevant institutions believe that the average daily production of crude steel in July, the national chain dropped significantly, fixed assets and real estate investment growth continued downward, confirms the current domestic steel market is in "double weak supply and demand" situation, steel prices are more subject to "go production capacity, "and the policy is expected steady growth driven. In the short term, domestic steel prices will shock consolidation into orbit operation.



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