E steel company will resolve the steel production capacity of 4.06 million tons

Recently, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group E Iron and Steel Company Iron Plant 620,1080 cubic meters blast furnace demolition work was officially launched.
It is understood that the two blast furnaces were put into operation in 1986, 2004, E-steel development played a significant role for the city's economic construction has made important contributions. According to the national work plan to resolve excess capacity, E steel company decided to dismantle, is expected to be completed before the end of February 2017.
In July this year, three sets of 90-square-meter sintering machines with two blast furnaces were dismantled. According to the plan, a 70-ton electric furnace and a 130-ton converter were to be dismantled. It is estimated that the 2017 bottom will be completed and the steel production capacity will be 4.06 million tons .



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