EU Chinese steel overcapacity tough stance will continue anti-dumping

To appease the steel industry and the sound of discontent in Europe shrinking, since January 29 this year, the European Commission decided to impose China Galvalume Steel Sheet up to 13% of the provisional anti-dumping duties. Followed by the European Commission for anti-dumping duties imposed on Chinese steel will be a sky-rocketing. Hangzhou yesterday's G20 summit, the EU Council, Xitusike Juncker and President of the European Commission's press conference, Juncker mentioned China's steel overcapacity problem in the introduction. According to its tough stance opinion, it lasted nearly a year of "anti-dumping" war between China and the EU or complete reconciliation.
Juncker said it would continue to excess steel production capacity of anti-dumping, to "protect the European steel industry and steel workers." He also said China and the EU in July, G20 Chengdu Finance Ministers' Meeting held bilateral talks to discuss common solutions steel overcapacity problem . In the subsequent questions from reporters, the Juncker said steel overcapacity is a global problem, so the European steel industry has lost tens of thousands of jobs.
March 16 this year, the European Commission issued the "iron and steel industry: to maintain sustainable employment and economic growth in Europe," the policy document, the Commission believes Chinese steel overcapacity is estimated at 3.5 million tonnes, almost twice the annual EU and iron and steel industry downturn in the eurozone blame China and other third countries steel overcapacity. The European Commission made final in June, the Chinese cold rolled coils 19.8% -22.1% levy anti-dumping duties, and to take retroactive tax measures.
Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang at a regular press conference held this month, noted that Chinese steel products in the EU market share of less than 5%, no serious impact on the EU steel industry. Not the root causes of the plight of European steel trade, but weak economic growth caused by the current. If you do not see the plight of EU steel root of the problem is growth, and trade protection, restrictions fair market competition and other wrong practices, will make the EU steel industry development disoriented, can not find the right way to respond.
In addition to the EU, local time on April 26, the United States Steel Corporation (USSteelCorp) to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) application filed 337 investigation, accused China 11 largest steelmaker Steel Group and nine distributors Group, violation of US "tariff Act" section 337 prohibition of export to the United States and sell carbon and alloy steel products, requiring ITC initiate an investigation and issue a permanent exclusion order and injunction. Insiders will to NetEase said that once the Chinese iron and steel enterprises to respond filing failure, the next is likely to face heavy fines antitrust investigation. May 26, ITC voted to China carbon steel products started 337 investigations.
At present, China's steel production accounted for nearly half the world's. Now the industry lawyer investigation records over the years the United States found that, up to now the United States against Chinese steel products imposed anti-dumping duties and countervailing taxes amounted to 62. 



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