EU impact of international trade on the Chinese cold rolled steel anti-dumping measures

According to the Ministry of Commerce website news, August 4, the European Commission made in China for the origin of the cold-rolled China Prepainted Galvalume Steel sheet products final anti-dumping investigation, decided to implement a tax rate of 19.7% -22.1% of the final anti-dumping measures and take retroactive taxation measures, which is the second trade actions against Chinese steel products, the EU has continuously taken. Ministry of Commerce, trade remedy investigations bureau, said the move increases the legal uncertainty, seriously affected the normal international trade.
The official said the EU against imports of cold-rolled steel products to take protective measures, will significantly raise its domestic prices, the impact of market supply, weakening the competitiveness of the EU related downstream manufacturing. China is highly concerned about the European Union Commission to increase industry profitability objectives in this case as well as the implementation of retroactive taxation measures approach. China notes that the EU has taken several steps to register imports, but ultimately did not translate into retroactive tax measures, the case in recent years become the first importer retroactive taxation cases. This increases legal uncertainty, seriously affected the normal international trade.
The official stressed recently in Shanghai, China concluded G20 trade ministers reaffirmed the commitment had been revoked on maintaining the status quo and protectionist measures and commitments extended to the end of 2018. China then China's steel products for trade protection actions regretted the European Union, called on the EU to keep its promise made in the international arena, to avoid the abuse of trade remedy measures to avoid sending the wrong signal to the outside world.
The official noted that the Chinese government has always advocated prudence, restraint and regulate the use of trade remedy measures, in consultation exchanges, cooperation and other means to resolve trade friction and achieve mutual benefit and win-win. China is willing to strengthen exchanges and communication with the EU, and properly solve the current problems facing the steel industry.



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