Egyptian imports from China's rolled steel products collapsed initiated anti-dumping investigations

August 16, 2016, Egyptian Trade and Industry issued a bulletin on from China, the European Union, Belgium imports clad, plated or coated iron or non-alloy steel flat rolled products (Flat-rolled Products of Iron or Non-Alloy Steel, of a width of 600mm, less or more, Clad, Platedor Coated) initiated anti-dumping investigations.
Haiguanshuihao products involved are: 721030,721041,721049,721220,721230 and 721,250. For more details on the case can contact the China Iron and Steel Association, Tel: 010-65131936, Fax: 010-65133847.
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Canada initiated an interim review of carbon steel fasteners in China
August 30, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) issued a notice originating in China and China Taiwan carbon steel fasteners (Certain Carbon Steel Fasteners) initiated an interim review, in order to determine whether the product concerned continue to apply trade remedy measures . Related businesses in before September 13 to the CITT to apply to participate in this review, and submit the relevant evidence before October 3.



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