European and American steel mills have started to raise prices

European and American steel mills have started to raise prices

2015 European and American steel market experienced a continued decline substantially an entire year, although the middle there have been attempts to raise prices of steel, but failed. Near the end, as scrap prices stabilize or rebound, European steel mills have begun to try to raise prices. For this price can be successful, it remains to be seen.
Last week, Europe's largest merchant bar mills --Beltrame announced the increase of prices of all products € 20 / ton. The mill said the price increase is mainly due to rising scrap prices. Subsequently, Southern European mills raise rebar prices € 15-20 / tonne, where the export price has been North Africa customers to accept price increases, the Nordic mills raise rebar prices also prepared. Flat material, it is learned that several Nordic mills currently trying to increase sheet prices, one of the mills has been demonstrated to increase 30 euros / tonne. This is the Nordic mills to raise prices for the first time in recent months, and is expected in January next year will once again raise prices. For European steel price increases, the user has not psychologically prepared, is expected to refuse to accept short-term price increases, but the steel price increases will not give up. Effect of exchange rate fluctuations by, recent European steel import prices rebounded slightly, and recently mills represent orders began to grow, which helps European mills to achieve price increases.
In the United States, December 9, the United States AK Steel Corporation announced the increase of Carbon sheet spot price, immediately started after the price increases, the HRC factory base price of $ 420 / short ton, cold roll of $ 540 / short ton, Redu zinc plate is $ 550 / short ton. Then the company announced the increase of NLMK US spot sheet prices $ 40 / short ton, immediately started. The company said the price increase is mainly due to the cost of stabilization, stocks fell and imports to the volume decrease. Other US mills will also be expected to follow price increases. The price for US mills, market participants said, would boost the short-term spot market, the transaction is expected prices will rebound, but the medium to long term, the market is still not optimistic, because of the global market downturn, the price increase is too large will will cause import growth again.



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