Good Ways to Keep Healthy

1 food a balanced diet, vegetables, fruit, less meat...
2 exercise do more exercise, take a walk, play ball games...
3 happiness keep happy, make friends, smile...
Good Ways to Keep Healthy
It is very important for us to keep healthy. But do you know the ways to keep us healthy?
First, we need to have healthy eating habits, we can eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit, but we’d better eat less meat. Different kinds of food are necessary, it’s also important to eat a balanced diet.
Then, playing sports every day can also help us keep fit. We can take walks after dinner, we can walk to school instead of taking a bus, after school we can spend hours playing basketball or soccer with our friends. We should try to do more exercise every day.
Happiness is another way to keep healthy. When we are lonely or unhappy, try to make friends. It is a good way to keep us happy. If you smile often, you also feel happy. So, be happy to be healthy.



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