Guangdong announced the accelerated elimination of backward equipment in the steel industry circular

Circular on Accelerating the Elimination of Backward Equipment in the Iron and Steel Industry
In order to strictly implement the "Guidance Catalog for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2011) (Revised)", the Company will promote structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the steel industry, speed up the elimination of backward equipment in the steel industry, and with the consent of the Provincial People's Government, announce the relevant matters as follows:
First, the immediate phase out for the steel, carbon steel and stainless steel smelting frequency and medium frequency induction furnace, 400 cubic meters and below blast furnace (except for cast iron enterprises, but the need to provide business registration certificate, three years of sales (Not including ferroalloy converter), 30 tons and below electric furnace (excluding mechanical casting electric furnace) and other backward equipment, the production of iron and steel, cast iron pipe production of blast furnace, 30 tons and below converter (not including ferroalloy converter) Since the announcement date, the above steel industry backward equipment prohibited in Guangdong Province, and limited to November 30, 2016 according to the demolition.
Second, in violation of the provisions of this notice, the relevant departments will be severely punished and held the relevant units and personnel responsibilities.
Notice is hereby given.
Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission
September 30, 2016



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