Guizhou Province issued to the steel industry production capacity embodiments

To conscientiously implement the "State Council on the China Aluzinc Steel Sheet Coil industry to resolve the overcapacity achieve turnaround development of opinions" (Guo Fa [2016] No. 6) will speed up the resolve of steel overcapacity, a turnaround development, the provincial government agreed to, the provincial government office recently issued "Guizhou Province to resolve the overcapacity in the steel industry develop a turnaround plan" (hereinafter referred to as the program), requiring all localities and departments to earnestly implement.
The main contents of the program are as follows:
First, the general requirements
(A) guiding ideology. Accordance with the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, firmly establish and implement the innovation, coordination, green, open, shared development concept, grasp the "three to fill a drop a" five task, efforts to promote the steel industry supply-side structural reforms, to control the total elimination of backwardness, technological innovation, optimize the structure as the starting point to promote the steel industry structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, development of a turnaround.
(B) the basic principles
1. Forced adhere to the market and government support combined. Give full play to the role of market mechanisms and better play the guiding role of government, with the rule of law and marketization means to resolve excess capacity. Enterprises to take to resolve the overcapacity of the main responsibilities of local government responsible for the implementation of the program and organize the implementation, with adequate funding and policy support to fill Award given by the central authorities.
2. The total amount of control and optimization of the structure of the combination. Without the premise of new capacity, combined with the elimination of backward, corporate restructuring and environmental relocation work, and actively support the iron and steel enterprises to increase technological innovation and transformation efforts to achieve green development. Support steel production enterprises to strengthen cooperation with the downstream steel enterprises to develop in line with market demand for steel products.
3. Corporate restructuring and institutional innovation combined. Iron and steel enterprises to participate vigorously promote cross-regional, cross-ownership consolidation and reorganization to rationalize the relationship between the interests of the powers and responsibilities assigned area after corporate mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring to achieve shared outcomes.
(C) the main objective. By 2016, the province Yajian steel crude steel production capacity of 2.2 million tons, of which, Shougang Shuicheng Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. Yajian 1.5 million tons, Qiandongnan Steel Co., Ltd. Wanshun Yajian 700,000 tons. According to the law quit backward steel production capacity, and make proper placement of workers, to maintain stability work. Strive to the end of 2016, key steel production operations improved markedly.
(A) signed letters of responsibility goals. Before the end of August 2016, to resolve the province's steel industry overcapacity achieve turnaround development group leader and municipalities (state) government, Gui'an District Management Committee in charge of responsible comrades signed the "Guizhou Province to resolve the overcapacity in the steel industry to achieve development goals turnaround responsibility "(hereinafter referred to as" objective responsibility "), a clear resolve tasks, the completion time limit. Provincial Development and Reform Commission the list of enterprises and the dismantling of the main production line equipment, known to the public.
(Ii) placement of workers to do other work. Before the end of August 2016, the provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department will involve enterprise workers to resolve the overcapacity list entry information system for enterprise employees. According to "a business a policy" requires companies to develop complete guide employee relocation programs, risk assessment and response plans. Employee relocation plan should clearly involve employees, the way shunt placement, handling labor relations, financial compensation payments, repayment of arrears of wages and social insurance, employee relocation funding channels, to promote the re-employment and so on. Assembly workers resettlement program shall be representatives of the employees or all employees through discussions, all imperfect resettlement program, funding is not in place and have not been discussed by the workers' congress, shall not be implemented. At the same time, the relevant city (state) government debt to guide enterprises to make proper disposal work.
(Iii) removal of equipment to shut down. Before the end of August 2016, the provincial Development and Reform Commission and the relevant provincial departments should work together with the city (state) government sealed the steel industry in our province to resolve the overcapacity of the main equipment, with the removal of the conditions to be immediately removed, it will not have to be immediately dismantled condition water, electricity, removal of the power plant. On corporate public commitment to the community not to resume production, and limit removed. Before the end of 2016, the provincial Development and Reform Commission and the relevant provincial departments should work together with the city (state) government urged Shougang Shuicheng Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., Qiandongnan Wanshun Steel Co., Ltd. in the "objective responsibility" agreed time within dismantle defuse steel overcapacity in the main production line equipment, and archived for future reference image data removal before and after, etc; economic and information technology Committee of the province should work together with provincial authorities and relevant city (state) government urged enterprises in the "objective responsibility" agreed time demolition should exit within the law in accordance with regulations of backward steel production capacity of the main production line equipment, and archived for future reference image data before and after the demolition and the like.
(Iv) co-ordinate set aside awards and subsidies. After the "objective responsibility" signed, the provincial financial department in accordance with relevant state documents, led the development of "restructuring of industrial enterprises in Guizhou Province Award complement funds management rules" clearly special prize complement financing plan, earmarked funds to carry out supervision and management make sure to resolve overcapacity work smoothly. Placement of workers in the enterprise, there are still great difficulties, and set aside some funds in accordance with the award complement "of a proposed" principle to give the necessary support.
(E) work evaluation and acceptance. For the year 2016 should be returned not back, in the year 2017 and later quit the market steel producers, no longer give rewards and subsidies and other supporting policy support. January 2017, related to the city (state) government according to the "objective responsibility" requirements, the completion of the task to resolve the overcapacity preliminary acceptance, preliminary acceptance to the enterprise issued opinions. February 2017, the provincial resolve the overcapacity in the steel industry to achieve turnaround leading group according to the "objective responsibility" requirements, the completion of the task to resolve the overcapacity review acceptance, issued to companies for review and acceptance opinion and acceptance of the results to the public. Provincial Department of Finance based on the results of the review and acceptance of the objectives and tasks unfinished, pro rata claw back rewards and subsidies.
(F) promote the industry restructuring and upgrading. Iron and steel enterprises to increase technological innovation to promote the construction of intelligent production line, shop smart and intelligent plant demonstration project. Market demand-oriented, in the consolidation of quality carbon steel, alloy steel, high base drill steel, free-cutting steel and other traditional advantages of the products, accelerate the development of steel, steel cord, heavy drill rod, ball tooth bit, cutting steel and other high-tech, high value-added products. Strengthening local downstream steel companies and steel business needs docking, and improve the proportion of steel in buildings, bridges, encourage competitive steel trusts province of infrastructure investment and financing platform and major construction enterprises set up steel company, to promote the enterprises to speed up the production Suppliers to shift production service providers. Iron and steel enterprises to actively guide the province and other equipment, construction enterprises to form the Commonwealth. Encourage and support the development of appropriate non-steel enterprises steel business.
Third, policies and measures
(A) prevent new capacity. All localities and departments to strictly implement the "State Council on serious excess capacity to resolve conflicting guidance" (Guo Fa [2013] No. 41), and shall not in any name or by any means filing new steel projects, departments may not be new by steel projects for land supply, energy assessment, the EIA approval and additional credit support and other related services. The illegal construction, the provincial government will be serious accountability. Really necessary for construction of the project, according to the "equivalent replacement" or "reduction replacement" implement the requirements of replacement indicators, and approved by the provincial authorities after the preliminary consent of the provincial government for the record.
(Ii) the implementation of fiscal policies. Implement the provincial industrial enterprises restructuring of awards and subsidies, will be awarded in accordance with the capacity to support up to exit the situation. Iron and steel enterprises to take advantage of residual pressure waste heat power generation, comprehensive utilization of resources required to enjoy preferential value-added tax. Actively seek state special construction fund and related special funds to support exit steel production regions and enterprises develop new industries, iron and steel enterprises to develop public support for entrepreneurship and innovation, foster new economic development momentum. Iron and steel enterprises to strengthen support for research and innovation and implementation of energy-saving environmental upgrading.
(Iii) the implementation of land policy. Implement the "Land and Natural Resources on the coal industry, the steel support to resolve overcapacity achieve comments turnaround Development" (MLR Regulation No. [2016] 3) the spirit, and strictly control new capacity with land mines, iron and steel enterprises to support use of land assets. Overcapacity withdraw land owned by the companies involved can withdraw local government land transfer income recovered according to the provisions arranged through the budget to pay state workers quit resettlement costs; enterprises themselves may also be treated in conformity with the plan and transfer conditions, segmentation allows the land use right transfer of land use rights. Mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring land conversion, involving change of use, the approval may take the agreement to sell the way to handle land clearance, converting the country to encourage the development of producer services, we can continue with the original five-year period of use and type of land use rights land; industrial land does not involve change of use, improve land utilization and increase construction volume rate can not increase the price of land.
(Iv) the implementation of financial policies. Write-offs of financial institutions to implement fiscal policies and improve financial institutions to increase efforts to dispose of repossessed assets, financial and tax policies to support the bank to accelerate the progress of the steel industry non-performing assets. Properly handle the debt, to crack down on corporate evasion of bank debts, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of creditors. All localities should establish restructuring and disposal of non-performing assets Coordination Mechanism of financial debt, organize and coordinate relevant departments to support the financial institutions to do business financial debt restructuring and disposal of non-performing assets.
(V) strict market access. To carry out special inspection work quality, increase the focus on supervision and inspection of construction steel products, the product license for the company to be missing clear the market, licenses for the use of steel products missing significant projects and related enterprises be criticized on illegal enterprise sternly deal with, and included in the list of promises, banks and other financial institutions included in the list of companies to stop lending, credit and other services. Explore the establishment of the parties to the construction project quality and integrity of archives, standardize the market order steel products.
Fourth, organization and implementation
(A) strengthen the organization and leadership. Around the government should refer to "People's Government Office Province on the establishment of Guizhou Province to resolve the steel industry overcapacity achieve notification turnaround development leading group" (Qian House Office Han [2016] 81) spirit, set up corresponding leading group, heavy task of city (prefecture) and county (city, district, SAR) and key enterprises to establish and promote the work of the respective governing bodies mechanism.
(Ii) strengthen the supervision and evaluation. The steel industry to resolve the overcapacity objectives and tasks, the implementation of the prohibition of new capacity to incorporate the country, assessment of the various departments of the provincial government. Province defuse the steel industry overcapacity achieve timely turnaround leading group to organize special inspection. Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission should work together with provincial authorities to resolve the country's steel industry overcapacity, the annual target task completion scheduling.
(C) to strengthen publicity and guidance. People around the government should strengthen policy guidance to explain and promote the work, summed up and spread the steel industry to resolve the overcapacity of the advanced experience, the results of work. To strengthen public opinion to guide the work of the placement of workers, timely response to social concerns, good patient and meticulous interpretation, correctly guide public expectations, to create a good atmosphere for public opinion.



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