Hainan International Tourism Island continues to improve the effect of policies

Hainan International Tourism Island continues to improve the effect of policies

According to Haikou Customs statistics, in 2015 Customs supervision Sanya, Haikou, two duty free shop sales worth 5.54 billion yuan, 1.64 million the number of people shopping, selling duty-free goods Islands 6.492 million, a substantial increase of 28.3% over 2014, and 18% 21.9%.
Since March 20, 2015, Hainan Island tax policy implementation the second adjustment, the new duty-free varieties of 17 categories, thereby Islands tax-free shopping to 38 varieties of species, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, clothing, small leather Hot items and other 10 categories of goods single purchase amount were also relaxed.
Haikou Customs authorized by the State Council as the main business of Hainan Island tax regulatory, support and promote Hainan Island tax policy to maximize the effect. Provide "5 + 2", "24 hours clearance appointment" and other convenient customs clearance services; enhance scientific and technological information management application Islands tax regulation, in order to "technology + system + manual" mode to ensure Islands tax the entire chain of safe, efficient, smooth, the city of Sanya duty-free shops "in-store shopping, airport pick up" and Haikou Meilan Airport duty-free shops "rip mention" mode, and "once Islands, two store shopping" model, "that is a reference to the purchase, front-end back" and other shopping patterns are running smoothly, the policy effects continues to improve.



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