Haixin Iron and Steel belly postpartum profit 20.62 million yuan

In early August, from Wenxi "three one hundred" first line came the good news: after Shanxi Jianlong products into the market in the first month on record good operating performance, completed in July sales of 290 million yuan, profit 2062 million.
September 26, 2015, Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. Haixin Group officially took over the former, the same year on December 22 officially changed its name to Shanxi registered Jianlong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. In the provincial cities and counties, at all levels of concern and support, Shanxi Jianlong Iron and Steel Co., overcome difficulties, to focus on "green upgrade, logistics optimization" topic, invested 300 million yuan, the full implementation of the first phase of the resumption of production maintenance work, this year April 30 to resume production as scheduled ignition, June 10 across the board through the main process line, annual output of 1.6 million tons of building materials smooth boutique market.
Faced with overcapacity, decline in demand, the prices of the grim situation, Shanxi Jianlong on the basis of market scientific analysis, aiming Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan and Northwest, Southwest region, based on dislocation competition, differences in the development, management and services homework articles on innovation, its profitability, competitiveness and development capabilities continue to be improved.
In the management of innovation, the company is committed to the compensation system, system performance, cost efficiency and research topics, "four import" corporate culture, to maximize stimulate full initiative. Companies around the "digital management, digital responsibility" and comprehensively promote the implementation of cost reduction and efficiency projects will cost efficiency and employee remuneration linked to performance. According to Shanxi Jianlong Cai Qi at the person in charge, in July, the company after full argument, formulated eight topics, 15.94 million yuan of the total cost reduction and efficiency goals. After efforts, the company in July a total of 780,000 yuan to improve equipment performance, energy performance of 1.17 million yuan, cost efficiency and overall task completed.
Services, the company transition to a service-oriented enterprises, pay more attention to market-oriented, need quotas, research and production of corrosion-resistant wire, high carbon manganese steel billet, do everything possible to meet the diverse needs of the market; focus on "Internet +", the use of electronic business platform , to product end, to achieve differentiation and sales. Up to now, to achieve online and offline sales of steel billets 173,000 tons, sales income of 410 million yuan.
"Right now, the 'cost efficiency, a big third quarter' activities are being carried out in depth, with a total investment of 10 billion to 'eliminate backward production capacity, utilization of energy' as the theme of the two projects is rapidly advancing." Shanxi Jianlong total manager Yangnai Hui said, "in the next three years, Shanxi Jianlong as the center, build the Midwest fine steel production base in the Golden triangle area of the Yellow River and comprehensive industrial service base, we are confident."
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Fangda Special China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet net profit of 260 million yuan in the first half increased by 77.95%
According to information Steel Union message, Fangda Special Steel August 12 release reported the company in 2016 January-June operating income of 3.79 billion yuan, a year earlier to 4.28 billion yuan, down 11.4%; 1--6 Yuefen net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 259 million yuan, a year earlier net profit of 145 million yuan, an increase of 77.95%. The first half of 2016, the company produced 1.4753 million tons of iron, steel, 1.6751 million tons, 1.6907 million tons timber.
The reason for the change in performance, Fangda Special Steel, said the report period, the steel industry is fiercely competitive, market demand has not been fundamentally improved, the company calmly security objectives, an effective, continue to maintain a healthy and steady development of the production and operation of enterprises momentum.



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