Hangzhou Iron and Steel transformation and upgrading of new appearance: Zhejiang Environmental Protection Group was established yesterday

As the leader in ferrous metal smelting industry in Zhejiang, Hangzhou Iron and Steel in the pressure reduction of steel production capacity shut down more than nine months after the steel base, the transformation and upgrading of new appearance - formed by the Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group, Zhejiang Environmental Group Co., Ltd. was established October 10 .
Last year, Hangzhou Iron and Steel spent 150 days, smooth diversion resettlement 12,000 employees, to resolve the annual production capacity of 4 million tons of steel, at the end of last year officially closed down the Mid-Iron and Steel Base, known as the "city steel production capacity model."
From ferrous metal smelting industry to green industry, this big step is a matter of course.
10 years, Hangzhou Iron and Steel in the elimination of backward production capacity, adhere to the innovation to do fine steel industry at the same time, and constantly strengthen the non-steel industry.
As early as in 2000, Hangzhou Iron and Steel on the establishment of Zhejiang Fuchun Ziguang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., becoming the first in the province of large-scale environmental protection industry, state-owned enterprises. "Fuchun Ziguang" is now the largest sewage treatment enterprises in Zhejiang, operating in the country 30 sewage treatment plants, including the first sewage treatment BOT project in Zhejiang Linhai urban sewage treatment plant, the first sewage treatment project Changshan Tianma sewage Treatment plant, and Asia's largest semi-underground sewage treatment project in Wenzhou City Center piece of sewage treatment plant. Hangzhou Iron and Steel's new century renewable resources company has north of Zhejiang's largest green car dismantling waste recycling center. Hangzhou Iron and Steel under the Industrial Design Institute of Zhejiang Province, Metallurgical Research Institute, and other research institutes have long been engaged in environmental technology research and development. From the beginning of 2005, Hangzhou Steel's non-steel industry profits even more than the main steel industry. In 2015, the environmental protection industry plate of Hangzhou Iron and Steel to achieve operating income of 4.913 billion yuan, profits of 190 million yuan, total assets of 3.44 billion yuan.
Years of production and operation of practice, so that Hangzhou Steel has accumulated environmental technology and market resources for the formation of environmental groups to lay a solid foundation. At the inauguration ceremony, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group Corporation, Zhejiang Provincial Central ASTRI, Tongji University, Zhejiang University and other large enterprises have signed with the provincial environmental protection group.
It is reported that the new environmental group will focus on water, gas, soil, with sewage treatment, control of flue gas, dredging soil, dregs and other core technologies to expand water treatment technology research and development and operation management, environmental equipment manufacturing, the atmosphere Pollution treatment, solid waste treatment and other environmental protection business, and strive to become the largest scale of Zhejiang, the most competitive, the best value for money, the highest brand value of the international comprehensive energy conservation and environmental protection service providers to build new energy-saving environmental protection industry pattern. "Thirteen Five" period, Hangzhou Iron and Steel to be set up 10 billion yuan of environmental protection industry fund, completed 10 billion yuan in environmental protection investment to achieve 100 billion yuan in environmental protection annual sales revenue.
At present, Zhejiang has been completed ahead of schedule, "thirteen" steel production capacity reduction plan, which closed down steel base in Hangzhou Iron and Steel made nearly half of the contribution. Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group Chairman Chen Yueliang said that Hangzhou Iron and Steel will continue to push forward the structural reform of supply side, unswervingly practice the concept of green development, take the traditional steel industry to production capacity and transformation and upgrading of the new road.



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