Hebei Fengrun government capacity to customize the standard to avoid demolition of illegal steel project

To resolve excess capacity, eliminate backward production capacity, Hebei provincial government and the city of Tangshan municipal government since 2011, has repeatedly issued a policy notice, Tangshan municipal districts capacity to conduct detailed arrangements for the deployment, which have repeatedly steelmaker Tangshan Fengrun rectification gives clear instructions.
Recently, WASHINGTON reporter survey found that the government did not follow policy Fengrun notice issued under provincial levels of government to handle, but separately developed "to production standards," so that the original has been included in the provincial government need to eliminate the backward production capacity and capacity from illegal demolition. In this regard, deputy director of Development and Reform Bureau Song Junhua said Fengrun, provincial and municipal levels related to the capacity of policy guidance is the "path", not the specific implementation steps.
For this practice, WASHINGTON reporters get in touch with Tangshan Municipal Development and Reform Commission, but the council did not interview.
Custom Fengrun government "to production standards."
June 27 this year, is located in Fengrun, Hebei Jinxi Iron and Steel Group, Syngenta (hereinafter referred to as Syngenta) suddenly received a "comprehensive evaluation summary Tangshan Fengrun steel enterprises," the government issued the Fengrun. Table, Fengrun Development and Reform Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Finance Bureau and other 10 units Fengrun within three steel companies were evaluated scoring from energy consumption, production safety and taxation. "Chair the evaluation Fengrun Development and Reform Bureau told me that score a minimum, will be incorporated into Fengrun steel industry, eliminate backward production capacity range, partial demolition." Syngenta, general manager of the company in the construction of water, told reporters in prior to this, they have not received a notice of assessment.
In the construction of water that followed he received notice Fengrun government, asking them to dismantle the company within a 500 m3 blast furnace. "This is contrary to the relevant provisions of the Hebei provincial government and the municipal government of Tangshan."
In the construction of water, said he read a lot of provinces, municipalities and related documents, have failed to find a mechanism to evaluate the implementation of Fengrun Custom "to production standards," the self-related basis. Not only that, he also questioned the evaluation process: "Not only do we not informed in advance, and the evaluation process, some units in accordance with the total score, but some units are in accordance with the amount of score, appraisal companies and different standards and Tianzhu new treasure. Thai companies have expressly provided the provincial government violations and backward production capacity, but also as a normal capacity of our company and participating together, unfair. "in the construction of water that score result, irregularities and backward production capacity preserved.
Provincial and municipal policy notifications rich experience difficult to implement
BEIJING, reporters in the construction of water to produce multiple copies of provincial and municipal government issued a document notice.
WASHINGTON correspondent saw, in 2012, under the Hebei provincial government issued a "released the second batch of illegal disposal a list of construction projects in the iron and steel and disposal advice notice" (Ji Zheng letter ﹝ 2012 ﹞ 75 numbers), which Fengrun Tianzhu Tangshan Iron and steel Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianzhu company) a 1080 cubic meters of blast furnace iron and steel are classified as illegal construction projects, according to the documents, the company should eliminate backward or relatively the same amount of backward production capacity and accept the punishment.
In 2014, the Tangshan city government issued "to resolve the Tangshan Iron and Steel overcapacity Implementation Plan" (Tang Zheng letter ﹝ 2014 ﹞ No. 208), except in accordance with the provisions of the provincial government, the Tianzhu company as a blast outside the displacement capacity of dismantling objects , will be the new Tangshan Iron and steel Co., Ltd. Tai Po (hereinafter referred to as the new Po Thai company) of a 450 m3 blast furnace as out of production.
Those documents, remove the offending backward production capacity of the company were involved in the positive. "We, as a subsidiary of a listed company, has production operations in strict accordance with state regulations, neither the new illegal production capacity, and no backward production capacity, the column is not dismantle the provincial and municipal governments provided." Syngenta Wuxiu Qing, deputy general manager said.
Wuxiu Qing told reporters, after the results of that evaluation, they began to reflect this Fengrun government, but has not received any response.
August 5, Tangshan Municipal Government issued "Tangshan Iron and Steel industry capacity rapid transition to an embodiment of notice" (Tang Zheng word ﹝ 2016 ﹞ 64 numbers), the provisions of the (Hebei government letter No. ﹝ 2012 ﹞ 75) file as illegal project implementation capacity equivalent replacement, or the elimination of backward production capacity is relatively backward. The illegal enterprises have 450 cubic meters and below blast furnace as a first treatment sequence, priority eliminated. This document, it is related to the company and the new Tianzhu Bao Thai companies.
"Get the document, we held Fengrun government leaders sent a third note, according to the government request Fengrun provincial and municipal regulations, elimination of violations in advance, backward production capacity, but still no reply." Wuxiu Qing said.
Fengrun Development and Reform Bureau: provincial and municipal policy is "the path," not "step"
On the matter, the morning of August 31, BEIJING reporter Fengrun committee secretary Ji Xinglong phone call, hang up. Zhang Fengrun long before the phone went unanswered. Subsequently, the reporter interviewed sends a request message, respectively. 31 pm, reporters repeatedly call Fengrun Standing Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Chen Hsiang Ma Lijun and gold phone, no one answered. As of September 1 press time reporter, said not been able to get in touch.
Fengrun Tangshan Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official branch of a well-known work of the Review reporter told BEIJING, June this year, the council had received notice of the steel companies to score Fengrun government, but as scoring rules need modify, scoring was not performed. To the end of June, the council once again received the district government notice, requiring the Secretary to the district to participate in ratings, but because of the Board Secretary sick leave, a deputy director attended the score. "District Development and Reform Bureau is the lead organization rating will develop the scoring rules." The official said the area related to the leadership so that each district Bureau under the rules established after the score, score the spot back, not allowed to take away.
The official said that before participating in Tangshan Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to the corporate rich Branch did not view the site, there is no other eligible units to conduct field research, he was "unclear."
In the afternoon, deputy director of Development and Reform Bureau Fengrun Song Junhua told reporters that the reason why the implementation of Fengrun rates bottom out of steel production capacity, since May 31, 2016, under the Tangshan Municipal Government issued "on the decomposition of the implementation of the second batch of 2016 Yajian steel production capacity mission emergency notification. "
In order to implement the "notice", Fengrun government to follow the practice of other counties, identified by the "de-capacity standard" by the lowest score to take on the production task. But Song Junhua stressed scoring rules all units its own.
For whether or not the standard levels of government and the provinces, municipalities issued contrary to the spirit of the document, Song Junhua, said the province to implement the guidance (Ji Zheng letter ﹝ 2012 ﹞ No. 75) to the specific capacity file) time too far, he can not remember a.
Song Junhua said, "My understanding is that (the province to go to production policy) is the path, not a step."
Reporters learned that access to relevant information, Fengrun territory and only the three steel companies, including Tianzhu addition the company has a 1080 m3 blast furnace production capacity of violation, there are 800 m3 and 630 m3 blast furnace each one; Thai company has a new treasure 1080 cubic meters and 630 cubic meters of blast furnace each one, belonging to the provincial government of backward production capacity of 450 cubic meters of blast furnace two; Syngenta has 500 cubic meters of blast furnace two. Since the end of 2014, Tangshan Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau began on the area of 15 counties of air quality monthly ranking in the league table, ranking in Fengrun most of the month after the five of them, belong to poor air quality in Tangshan City counties, to bear the heavy production tasks.



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