Hebei, Shandong, even the steel enterprises are not cut will be shut down

The Office of the State Administration of Work Safety "on the steel industry safety law enforcement special action self-examination stage found that there is a hidden danger of the accident," which involves the province there are seven hidden dangers of accidents Enterprises and relevant municipalities shall conduct a comprehensive on-site inspection on the problems of self-examination and the rectification of the relevant enterprises, strictly check the acceptance standards of the resumption of production, failing to meet the conditions, and failing to meet the requirements of the relevant standards and standards in case of overdue rectification or rectification. Drew the local government determined to be closed.
Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau requirements, strict implementation of the rectification and resumption of production requirements. If the rectification has been completed and the site inspection is conscientiously conducted and the requirements of the national standards are met, the production shall be granted and the relevant information shall be given in written form. If the problem still has not been rectified, it shall immediately order the workshops (plants) with equipment and facilities involved in accidents and accidents to stop production and rectification, issue related compulsory measures according to law, urge them to implement rectification requirements as soon as possible and help guide enterprises to formulate relevant safety and security measures; , To prevent the cut-off or rectification of various types of accidents in the process. Related enterprises to strengthen the stop production and rectification of the construction process of safety management, and strengthen the safety education and training of relevant personnel to study and formulate the construction work plan in advance to improve the construction site safety control measures before the resumption of production to the local safety supervision departments Put forward the application for re-production acceptance. The provincial safety supervision bureau will choose the rectification of enterprises on the spot checks, rectification is not serious, the implementation of units in place will be notified and the province responsible for accountability.
The implementation of non-compliance with the standard problem rectification. For the seven enterprises involved in the notification, the chief responsible persons of the enterprise shall convene a special meeting to study and formulate rectification plans, clear rectification targets, rectification funds, rectification time limit, rectification responsibility persons and safety safeguard measures during the rectification period, , The concrete implementation to each equipment and facilities. At the same time enterprises in accordance with the national and provincial capacity to resolve excess capacity standards, and then carry out a comprehensive investigation, the problems identified, the implementation of rectification.
Continue to do a good job to resolve the excess capacity standards implementation. All localities in accordance with the requirements of resolving excess capacity special law enforcement program, learn by analogy, continue to increase the intensity of corporate law enforcement, and actively cooperate with the development and reform, industry letter and other departments to do a good job to resolve excess capacity related work, the Provincial Work Safety Supervision Bureau will continue to work Implementation of follow-up supervision. Localities should strictly control the national and provincial standards, further investigation and combing, regular organization of the enterprise site inspections, the problems found, the penalties for the punishment, the cut-off production, and always maintain a high-pressure situation, to ensure safety at the same time, The relevant government departments do not meet the requirements of relevant standards and norms of production capacity as soon as possible out of the strong protection of the province to resolve the excess capacity of iron and steel work in an orderly manner.
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Shandong: Iron and steel industry according to the level of performance of pollution discharge order, can not be stable discharge standards for the implementation of the cut-off
October 9, the reporter learned from the Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Office, its provincial capital city of Jinan, Zibo, Tai'an, Laiwu, Texas, Liaocheng, Binzhou City People's Government and the provincial government issued the relevant departments to further strengthen the provincial capital city atmosphere Pollution prevention and control of the implementation of the program. " Program clear, by 2017, the provincial capital city of ambient air quality than 2013 to improve about 35% by 2020, improve about 50%.
The program also strengthened the regulation of industrial production.
According to the program, each year from November to January the following year, Jinan, Zibo, Texas, Liaocheng, Binzhou 5 City cement, casting, brick kiln industry, in addition to commitment to residential heating, collaborative disposal of urban waste and hazardous waste protection people's livelihood tasks Production line, all the production; the steel industry according to the level of pollution discharge performance ranking, can not be stable discharge standards for the implementation of shutdown; the glass industry to produce all the fuel replaced with natural gas, centralized supply of natural gas or electricity and other clean energy; coal-fired generating units (Including power plant) does not meet the ultra-low emission standard limit, in addition to commitment to the task of residential heating units, all stop production.
7 cities in accordance with the requirements of timely organization of heavily polluting weather contingency plans revision work, improve and perfect the contingency plan system, unified warning and response levels, unified emergency emission reduction measures. Do a good job in heavy polluting weather process trend research and potential analysis, improve the accuracy of forecasting and early warning information. The issuance of key areas within the industry and the "elevated source" limit production and stop production list, organize the relevant enterprises to develop emergency response reduction program, the implementation of emission reduction measures to specific enterprises, specific processes, specific equipment and specific personnel.



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