Hebei Steel to complete before the end of 10 coal Yajian task

Reporters today from the provincial government of Hebei Province second session of the Standing Committee submitted to the 23rd meeting of about 2016 - Report of the Hebei Economic and Social Development Plan implementation in July learned that, after months of this year in the province (Hebei province, the same below) will Duocuobingju greater efforts to promote supply-side structural reforms.
The report notes that this year the province to increase production capacity degree carried out twice excess capacity is concentrated Yajian action, involving a total production capacity of 4.62 million tons of iron, China Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet 5.46 million tons, 3.01 million tons of coal, 950,000 tons of cement, coke 525 tons, 2.82 million weight boxes of flat glass, the next step will ensure the completion of state-assigned task Yajian steel coal before the end of October, the second batch of steel to complete the task before the end of November Yajian. Meanwhile, steady progress to the inventory, reduce costs, make up the short board, to the support of the cycle is higher than the reasonable range of cities and counties in the introduction of measures to promote housing consumption, the amount of the price rose too fast hotspots strengthen controls to curb speculative investment in housing demand ; real economy enterprises to carry out special inspection cost reduction, support for enterprises through technology and management innovation internal potential; surrounding areas of county economy, urban economy, coastal economic and soft and hard infrastructure, monitoring implementation of policies and measures to promote the construction of key projects, filled development of short board.
In addition, the province will foster new industrial advantages, to create a smart filter manufacturing, industrial robots and other 15 strategic emerging industry demonstration base, organization and implementation of one hundred high-tech industrialization demonstration projects; to deepen the integration of the manufacturing and development of the Internet to build intelligent years factory, digital workshop pilot 100; in-depth focus on the implementation of modern service industry three-year action plan to cultivate above classification scale service enterprises, and the annual increase of 900 or more. Accelerate the development of secondary and tertiary industries integration, to create more than 100 acres of provincial modern agriculture park, grasp the ring the capital of modern agricultural demonstration zone construction, and strive to industrialization of agriculture rate of more than 65.5%.



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