Hebei steel industry from January to June operation

1. slight increase in output of major products
1--6 months, Hebei crude steel, steel products, pig iron production were completed 99.8964 million tons, 130,510,800 tons, 93,064,100 tons, an increase of 2.05%, respectively, 5.14%, 2.24%. An increase higher than the national percentage points respectively 3.15,4.04,4.34. Hebei iron ore production in the first half to complete 226.2075 million tons, an increase of 5.86%, higher than the national increase of 8.06 percentage points.
2. Production and marketing better
According to the 65 key steel enterprises research shows that from January to June sales rate of 99.40 percent complete, an increase of 1.26 percentage points. June total sales rate of 97.1% was 2.3 percentage points --1 than the provincial industry.
3. steel exports have increased considerably
1--6 months, total exports of the China Prepainted Galvalume Steel sheet industry in Hebei Province steel products 20.028 million tons, the amount of $ 6,816,925,100, an increase of 14.24% of export volume, export value fell 15.96 percent, the province's steel exports accounted for 35.06% of the national total exports of the country, provinces ranked first, accounting for 1.68 percentage point increase over last year. Over the same period, the province imported 73,800 tons of steel, the amount of $ 72,079,100, down 14.94 percent, respectively, 27.53%.
4. substantial increase economic efficiency
1--6 months, Hebei Iron and Steel Industry [black mine mining industry, ferrous metal smelting and processing pressure] industrial added value reached 134.389 billion yuan, an increase of 2.97%, the main business income of 565.998 billion yuan, down 2.57%; profit completed 22.44 billion yuan, an increase of 69.05%. Iron and steel industry industrial added value, the main business income, profits accounted for the proportion of the province's industry was 25.25%, 26.64%, 19.45%.



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