Heilongjiang Yajian before the end of 2020 steel production capacity of 6.1 million tons

To implement the "State Council on the steel industry to resolve the overcapacity achieve turnaround development of opinions" to further defuse the steel industry overcapacity, promote the steel enterprises turnaround development, the Heilongjiang provincial government has recently issued a "Heilongjiang Province, the steel industry to resolve the overcapacity achieve turnaround development implementation Program".
China Industry News reporters learned that the Heilongjiang provincial government, "plan" aims to work before the end of 2020, Yajian steel production capacity of 6.1 million tons. The province's China Aluzinc Steel Sheet Coil industry mergers and acquisitions has made substantial progress, the industry profit margin, return on assets improved significantly, personnel placement, business-related debt, social issues have been properly addressed. Product quality and high-strength steel, special steel, seamless steel tubes and other high-end products significantly enhance supply capacity, regional market competitiveness and market share continues to increase.
Thorough investigation of both the guide
Strict control of new capacity. Strictly implement the "State Council on resolving serious excess capacity contradictory guidance" (Guo Fa [2013] No. 41), does not record new steel production projects, not for land supply, energy assessment, the EIA approval and additional credit support and other related services . We have enjoyed rewards and subsidies and policy support exit capacity not used in steel capacity replacement.
Strengthen law enforcement efforts of backward production capacity, he was found severely dealt with. Strict implementation of environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety, technology and other laws and regulations and industrial policies, strengthen the supervision of the iron and steel enterprises according to law, in strict accordance with the disposal of non-compliance and ordered to suspend business for rectification. For in accordance with environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety and other laws and regulations not compliance discontinued after rectification or hopeless substandard steel production capacity, reported the country's industrial production permit enterprises to obtain national legally canceled, according to the law closed down exit. A 400 cubic meters and below blast furnace (except on "pig iron casting enterprises that standardize conditions" casting blast furnace), and below 30 tons of converter steel (excluding ferroalloy converter), 30 tons and below steelmaking furnace (EAF steel except capacity) and other backward production equipment, to quit immediately. Production "to be steel" (including the use of an intermediate frequency, frequency induction furnace smelting and refining facilities no LF technology and equipment) business, immediately shut down, removal of equipment, punishable by law. By 2020, steel production does not meet the environmental, energy, quality, safety, technology and other laws and regulations and industrial policy requirements can all quit.
Guide enterprises to take the initiative to withdraw excess capacity, inefficient capacity. Encourage steel companies based on market conditions and their own development needs, adjust the enterprise development strategies, the pressure to cut energy initiative to promote Xilin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters), Xilin Steel Group Acheng Iron and Steel Company (hereinafter referred to Xilin Iron and Steel Group), Dongbei Special Steel Group Beiman special steel Co., Ltd. and other enterprises to withdraw part of the production capacity of 3.3 million tons has been discontinued, pushing Jixi Northern steel Co., the overall production capacity of 2.8 million tons of steel exit. Xilin Steel Group actively promote mergers and acquisitions, to create conditions to encourage capital, management and technical qualified enterprises through equity, mergers and acquisitions, equity swap, debt restructuring, etc., involved in Xilin Iron and Steel Group's diversified equity and debt restructuring reform, enhance the vitality and momentum steel enterprises to survive and develop. By the end of 2016, and guide enterprises to take the initiative to withdraw steel production capacity of 6.1 million tons.
Both staffing and deal with debt
Good placement of workers. Harbin, Qiqihar City, Jixi, Yichun City, and other Yajian steel production capacity of local government enterprises where, should the placement of workers as a top priority to resolve excess capacity to work, to take "a business a policy" "a business a plan" way to guide enterprises to develop employee relocation programs, actively raise matching funds, clearly itemized diversion channels, placement and number of personnel time. The provincial People and Social Council Chamber to organize good exit capacity relates to specific employees verify data, the establishment of a register of employees, records. Encourage enterprises to tap the internal potential, relying on existing venues, facilities, technologies open up new jobs, promote employment and entrepreneurship reorientation. From the statutory retirement age for workers within five years by voluntary choice, companies agree and sign the agreement, can Early retirement. Leaving the original enterprise employees, find out in advance the proposed diversion worker base, understanding employment needs, strengthening vocational training, employment, vocational guidance, the implementation of employment policies. Difficult for older workers through the market is really difficult job of zero-employment families and staff, to increase efforts to develop public service positions provided the underpinning help. The relevant municipal government to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, protection of workers' right to know, to participate, to properly handle labor relations workers, social insurance relations shift connection and other related work. For employee relocation program is not perfect, funding is not in place and employee relocation program without the employee representative congress or all the workers considered and adopted, can not be implemented.
Iron and steel enterprises and properly handle the debt. Provincial Finance Office, Heilongjiang Banking Bureau, the People's Bank of Harbin Center branch to strengthen the financial docking services, adhere to the distinction, have helped have control principle, to help steel companies climbing over the ridge and overcome difficulties. Study and improve the non-performing assets bulk transfer policies to support banks to accelerate the disposal of bad assets schedule, to support banks to package financial asset management companies transfer non-performing assets and improve the efficiency of non-performing assets. Support social capital to participate in corporate mergers and acquisitions. Insurance funds and other long-term funds to encourage innovation and investment, participation in corporate mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions to expand the sources of funding. M & A exit channel funds to improve and accelerate the development of related secondary property market, improve capital efficiency. Promote the formation of the bank creditors' committee, temporary operational difficulties of enterprises run priority creditor committee, with the necessary, and then recover the loan risk control, outlook Xudai, mergers and acquisitions, etc., is expected to stabilize, stable credit, stable support. Choose the normal operation of production and operation of the creditor committee steel companies, through the formation of a joint syndicated loans or credit, etc., to further increase the credit support. Strengthening the steel corporate credit, and resolutely combat corporate evasion of bank debts, protect the legitimate rights and interests of creditors. Corporate restructuring and the establishment of municipalities where disposal of bad assets Coordination Mechanism of financial debt, organize and coordinate relevant departments to support the financial institutions to do business financial debt restructuring and disposal of non-performing assets.
Industrial upgrading and long-term mechanism parallel
Accelerate industrial upgrading. Support competitive enterprises and the "Internet +" fusion development, promoting research and development, manufacturing, management, operation, distribution, service and other aspects of the intelligence level, create intelligent exploration of demonstration plants. Adhere to the direction of green development and sustainable development, and guide enterprises to continuously optimize the steel production process, the transformation of existing production facilities, equipment, production conditions, promote the iron and steel enterprises to fully realize clean production, energy saving and environmental protection to achieve stability compliance. Encourage steel enterprises to strengthen cooperation with the downstream steel industry, improve special steel, seamless steel tubes, provincial market share of high strength seismic reinforcement, wire, profiles and other products. Encourage the North over the Northeast Special Steel Group Special Steel Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Jianlong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. to develop high-end steel products, accelerate the upgrading of products. Improve product quality, quality and stability, enhance the corporate brand and product brand influence, and constantly open up new market space.
Establish long-term mechanism regulating market overcapacity. Strengthen market competition mechanism and Forced mechanisms that regulate iron and steel enterprise production and management, strict implementation of energy conservation, environmental protection, product quality, safety, access and other trade laws and regulations and industrial policies, formed under the laws of the market constraint clear responsibility regulatory regime. Standardize the market order, and resolutely curb tax evasion, the production of fake and shoddy products, serious environmental pollution and other illegal acts, iron and steel enterprises to create equal access to factors of production according to the law, engage in fair market competition environment.



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