Henan Coal and Steel played resolve excess capacity "combined"

August 30, according to the Henan Daily reported, from Henan Coal and Steel resolve overcapacity meeting was informed that, in Henan province to defuse the excess capacity has been officially introduced two "master plan" and 4 "the implementation of views." It's like playing the resolve excess capacity "combined", but also provides the province to resolve excess capacity "road map."
It is understood that two "master plan" are "Henan coal industry to resolve the overcapacity achieve turnaround development master plan" and "Henan steel industry to resolve the overcapacity achieve turnaround overall development plan"; four "opinions" are " Henan coal iron and steel industry overcapacity resolve employee relocation work plan "" Close to exit the coal mine in Henan Province to support incentives embodiment, "" support the coal industry in Henan Province to resolve the overcapacity of Land and resources policy implementation plan "and the" Henan to resolve excess capacity closure of coal mines exit embodiment. "
In accordance with the Henan provincial government's unified plan, Henan Province to resolve the overcapacity as to promote the coal, iron and steel industry supply-side structural reforms focus 2016 Year - 2018, the province Yajian iron production capacity to 1 million tons, crude China Galvalume Steel Sheet production capacity of 2.4 million tons and 62.54 million tons of coal production capacity, complete determined by the state to resolve the task.
"2 + 4" and "overall program" and "the opinions" composed of a package of policies to resolve excess capacity, and that the actual requirements of the central Henan effectively combine aimed at targeted solution steel, coal industry close to exit , policy incentives, employee relocation, land policy and other issues, and actively Yajian inefficient production capacity, proper disposal of "zombie companies" to the quality and efficiency of key enterprises as the main direction, adjust and optimize the industrial product structure, accelerate corporate restructuring, efforts to enhance iron and steel, the effective supply capacity and overall competitiveness of the coal industry.



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