Henan banks to support the introduction of 20 entities involved in measures such as coal and steel industries

Yesterday, from the Henan Provincial Government Office of the news shows that the Henan Banking Regulatory Bureau has officially issued the "Henan banking sector to support the development of the real economy 20 measures notice", from increasing the effective credit, the development of Pratt & Whitney Finance, Poverty alleviation, reducing the burden on enterprises and other aspects of specific requirements and specific measures.
On the one hand, the banking financial institutions to strictly implement the policy of fee reduction, according to the customer sensitivity, industrial characteristics, credit rating (in accordance with the provisions of the relevant provisions of the credit rating) , Market competition and other implementation of refined pricing, reasonable interest rates; Specific charges and prices, to list the list published in the business, to accept social supervision.
The introduction of the "20" to highlight the focus areas of the province's credit support to ensure that new loans throughout the year more than 450 billion yuan, local corporate banking financial institutions to ensure that incremental loans higher than the previous year level. The development of Pratt & Whitney financing, small micro-enterprise loans to achieve the "three no less than" target, Agricultural Bank of China, Agricultural Development Bank and agricultural institutions to separate agriculture-related credit plan, and strive to the province's agriculture-related loans growth rate of not less than loans Growth, the county legal person financial institutions to ensure that a large proportion of funds invested in the local.
It is reported that for the province is promoting the reform of state-owned enterprises, "20" also have specific support measures. On the coal, iron and steel, nonferrous metals and other key reform areas, the province's banking industry will adhere to the control, different treatment. In line with national policy guidance, to actively support enterprise technological transformation, product upgrades, transformation of production, pressure reduction capacity, eliminate backwardness, bankruptcy reorganization, turn around and turnaround. For the government clear list of key enterprises or key enterprises, especially in Henan to the Group, Zheng Coal Group, Anyang Iron and Steel Group and other provincial state-owned industrial enterprises, to set, to guide the centralized support of financial resources.



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