Henan finalize the "three coal a steel" deepening reform program

August 18, reporters from the province (Henan Province, the same below) SAC was informed that "three coal a steel" deepening reform program has been finalized.
Reform of state-owned industrial enterprises facing a series of difficulties. "On deepening the reform of state-owned industrial enterprises of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"), reporters pick the highlights of the "three coal a steel" deepening reform program sets out, and to reform other state-owned industrial enterprises for reference according to the provincial government .
How to improve the efficiency of state-owned enterprises?
"Bloated" "inefficient" "monopoly" of the drawbacks of many state-owned enterprises. How to improve the efficiency of state-owned enterprises, it is the most important reform.
"Opinions", "state-owned industrial enterprises should follow the law of market economy and enterprise development, law reform in accordance with regulations, to enable enterprises to become a qualified market players." "Market" is a keywords throughout the text, only to promote the reform of property rights, to solve the fundamental problems of development.
This year, the province intends to close the exit coal mine 69 pairs, intention to withdraw capacity 17.92 million tons; Yajian pig iron and steel production capacity of 1.0 million tons of crude steel production capacity of 2.4 million tons. Combined resolve excess capacity, while maintaining the state capital under the premise of "three coal a steel" actively introduce strategic investors, and focus on promoting the two mixing the following subsidiaries level ownership reform, the expansion of private capital stake. Among them, Henan Energy and Chemical Group of coking coal Hospital, United salinization Pingdingshan Shenma Group, the Kam Yuen Cheng Coal Construction Company, Anyang Iron and China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet Group Wing-cast pipe company, are "mixed change" in the crowd.
What role does the government play?
SOE surname country, state-owned enterprises is. State-owned property requires its state-owned enterprises must serve the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, and its corporate property and claim it must act in accordance with the laws of the market, and fully participate in market competition.
For the role of government, "opinions" that "state-owned assets supervision and administration institutions at all levels to be a good market for investors, manage capital, deregulation, enterprise, reduce investor approval and approval matters, administrative management changes." This It means more state-owned assets regulator will play a "boss" role, rather than "mother" role that the "management of personnel, work and assets" management structure will change.
Hire companies to manage the enterprise, it is one of the highlights of our province's State Assets. Henan Energy and Chemical Group Co., Ltd. intends reorganized as "Henan Chemical Industry Holding Group Co., Ltd. Energy" in the provincial SASAC authorized management to promote the company gradually to the "tube-based capital," the state-owned capital investment company in transition.
Salary how to regulate?
Talent is the core competitiveness of enterprises. State-owned enterprises, how to attract, with good talent, while giving reasonable compensation has become a top priority for reform.
"Opinions", "perfect the position salary based on pay for performance system, and comprehensively promote the performance-linked salary, performance-liter, pay rise, performance drop, salary reduction; optimization of remuneration distribution structure, promote income distribution to key positions, key technical personnel and tilt front-line employees. "the purpose of reform is to break the big pot, more efficiency and more available, less efficiency and less, too.
Anyang Iron and Steel Group for marketers implementation of the "basic salary + commission" assessment, conditional sub-branch piecework wage system, and technical personnel to implement technology projects contracted wage system. For example, by marketing personnel to implement "basic salary + commission," according to the order Chuangxiao assessment, the commission is not capped, the minimum is zero, marketers minimum income of 1,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan to get the highest commission. Currently, Chuangxiao marketing staff enthusiasm is greatly mobilize and inspire many employees volunteered to line marketing.
How to prevent loss of state assets?
How to prevent the devaluation of state assets, the loss is not only about the state-owned enterprise's own development, but also about the nature of economic development itself.
"Opinions", "state-owned enterprise leaders to increase efforts to fulfill economic responsibility audit situation, adhere to the departure will review and improve any of the audit, to explore the term round trial, achieve at least once during his tenure audit; establishing regular audits of state-owned enterprises system, state-owned assets supervision mechanism to increase the intensity of corporate audit and issue audit opinion. "
Reform is not only a dead end, in order to focus on reform vista. Xiao Xinming, director of SASAC, said the province, deepening the reform of state-owned industrial enterprises is the main responsibility, we must dare to play, accelerate, ensure that the reforms are implemented, achieve tangible results.



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