India, China and other four countries of cold roll levy provisional anti-dumping duties

India's Ministry of Finance announced on since China, Japan, South Korea and Ukraine four countries imported cold rolled coils to impose provisional anti-dumping duties, the provisions of the reference price of $ 594 / ton (CFR).
The products involved alloy and non-alloy cold roll all the width and thickness will be taxed, but excluding coated products, customs codes 7209,7211,7225 and 7226. Temporary tax levied in accordance with the difference between the reference price of products CIF Mumbai and provisions also apply to any other country by the shipment of products produced in these countries, but South Korea's Hyundai Steel and Dongkuk Steel imported cars grade cold rolled coils exempt from tax. Domestic mills should apply, the Indian Ministry of Commerce in April 19, 2016 to the above four countries from China and other cold rolled coils initiated anti-dumping investigations.
India's end-user to impose provisional anti-dumping duties is not worried about a car machining centers, said there are enough products available to local procurement, inventory is not worried because Indian mills commitment to advance 3-4 months delivery. While other buyers that, despite the tax, imports will continue feasible, mainly prescribed reference prices compared with the local market price of about US $ 530 / ton, high-not much, some car manufacturers will continue to import cold processing volume, in order to meet the quality standards specified foreign auto manufacturers. However, according to statistics, since the implementation of the minimum import price of the program in February this year, India's imports of cold volumes fell sharply, imports Q2 profit down 49% to 195,400 tons.
At present, the main varieties such as India imports of hot-rolled sheet, cold rolled coils, as well as color-coated rebar and wire rod have taken anti-dumping and anti-dumping investigations. (Cayman text International Department)



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