India Containerized Shredded Scrap import prices edge up to above $200/t

India  containerized shredded scrap import prices edged up to above $200 a ton range  during the week ended November 27, while Indian plastic scrap prices prices on  Scrap Register Price Index showed a down trend during the week.

According  to TSI, containerized shredded index for Indian imports rose by $2 a ton to $202  a ton CFR Nhava Sheva port. 

Trade  was heard completed out of Europe at slightly higher levels than previously  seen, as suppliers kept their offers firm on the back of relatively tight supply  after Turkish mills cleared out the majority of their stock.

The major  plastic scrap commodities showed down trend on Scrap Register Price Index during  the week. The plastic scrap commodities like ABS(bayr), API, C.P.W, HD Blowing,  HD Moulding (Colour), Hips(Baff), LLDP Blowing and PVC resin desi traded down  during the week.



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