Iron and steel production capacity to Shandong accelerate the transformation and upgrading pace

Accordance with the arrangements held at the end of the Central Economic Work Conference, "three to a meeting of a down" as the main content of the supply-side structural reforms this year's focus. Shandong is the largest economy in the province, industrial province, especially traditional industries in a larger proportion of the national economy. To production capacity, the province is the primary task of the supply-side structural reforms, but also to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading must pass over.
Since 2013, the province adhere to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading to resolve the overcapacity combined to take "knocking walnuts, a business a policy" approach, adhere to market-oriented, and enterprises play the main role of industry associations, formulated and implemented 22 manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading programs. January 2014, the provincial government through the "serious excess capacity to resolve conflicting opinions" to determine the longer approval, filing serious excess capacity projects, with a view to effectively resolve the China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet, cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass, shipbuilding, oil refining, tires, etc. excess capacity. Meanwhile, the province actively and steadily, unswervingly push forward the work to resolve the overcapacity in the grasp of national publication iron and steel, cement, plate glass, aluminum, ship five industries with excess capacity, based on the initiative to increase oil refining, tires, chemicals, coal four industries, "5 + 4" self-pressurized.
In May this year, the province has developed views on further promote the implementation of the supply-side structural reforms, a clear 27 key tasks, we presented 40 high gold content, workable policies and measures, including the capacity to go on, 2016- 2018 "5 + 4" overcapacity industry capacity utilization strive to rise above 80%, the timely completion of state-assigned to resolve the overcapacity mission objectives. Including iron and steel, coal production capacity of 10 million tons, respectively Yajian 4,500 tons. Province classified facilities strategy to resolve excess capacity, through the initiative to withdraw a group, a group of Forced clearing, optimize the integration of batch transfer batch digestion, transform and elevate the batch, strengthen coordination and cooperation, taxation, financial and pricing, and land policies. Promote enterprise initiative Yajian excess capacity. Province strict enforcement of environmental, energy, quality, safety, technology and other laws and regulations, standards and industrial policies. For non-compliance of the enterprises (equipment or production lines) for rectification. Within the prescribed period requirements are not met. According to the law forced shut down exit. Active participation "along the way" and other national strategies. Encourage enterprises to "go out" and the transfer of production advantages. The establishment of overseas industrial parks. Full use of local resources and advanced experience. Drive equipment, products, technology, standards, the whole industry chain service output. This year, the province's industrial enterprises above designated size capacity utilization gradually improved in the second quarter was 77%, including aluminum, flat glass, radial tire industry capacity utilization rate has reached 80%.
Refining industry in our province has a comparative advantage in the industry. The province to market regulation and the role of government combine the flow-out backward production capacity in refining industry, and achieved multiple purposes results, product quality and improve business efficiency, while business people around the living environment improved, and the country , local taxes increased, the fuel exhaust emissions reduced. Statistics show that Shandong had a crude oil processing capacity of about 150 million tons, the main business income accounted for about 70% of the national refining industry, emissions pollution problem is serious. At present, the province has 16 enterprises to obtain the right to use the appropriate qualifications to import crude oil, approved total 56.89 million tons, eliminate backward production capacity of 28.7 million tons in the province, the province backward production capacity of 9.72 million tons, capacity utilization reached 78%.
Shandong is the largest tire producing province, but compared with Michelin, Bridgestone and other foreign brands advanced level, in the province of the tire product quality, performance, there are still some gaps. The province actively developing industry development policy guidance, research elimination withdrawal remedies backward production capacity, accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity of bias tire production enterprises, explicitly eliminated the backward radial tire equipment, process, technology and other indicators to guide enterprises to tap the potential of the product or transformation. Each backbone enterprises to vigorously strengthen the research and development of new technologies, new processes, the adjustment of product structure, development and production of safe tires, tires and other intelligent high-end varieties, improve brand influence. At present, Shandong tire industry, main business income accounted for 64% of the country, profits and taxes accounted for 68% of the country, radial tire capacity utilization reached 92.6%. Meanwhile, the province of rubber tires and encourage qualified enterprises to go. Up to now, in our province, "along the way" along the country accumulated record foreign-invested enterprises approved rubber tires five Chinese investment of 1.495 billion US dollars, mainly in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, the initial formation of an annual output of 27 million tires the production capacity.
Shandong aluminum industry is truly the largest province in 2015, the annual output of about 800 tons. By saving energy, improve cost management, reducing leaking and greater openness means the province's electrolytic aluminum industry has always maintained above 85% of capacity utilization, aluminum industry chain constantly stretched, the level of business efficiency continue to improve. 2011 to 2015, the province eliminated the actual production capacity of 114,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum, complete 168% of the national plan. Some companies take the initiative to transform owned power plant, a lot of work to go in the forefront of the country. Xinfa coal-fired units Group actively implement the national "big pressure on the small" and energy saving policies, since 2015, has closed down 11 sets of high coal consumption, heavy pollution of the old units, total installed capacity of 1.3 million kilowatts, the new on 6 × 660 MW "efficient ultra-supercritical unit" reached the international advanced level.
Although in recent years the external market environment is not good, the province's steel, coal industry through the active efforts of the steel industry from the start environmental remediation, prominent coal industry safety in production, "1025" period of time to complete the state-assigned task to resolve the overcapacity target . 2011 to 2015, the province actually out of iron production capacity of 12.4 million tons, steel production capacity of 9.63 million tons, respectively, to complete the national plan of 117% and 169%; the actual closure of coal mines 81, out of production 11.58 million tons, respectively, completed the national 180% and 192% of the plan.
An outstanding feature of the province steel and coal industry is the high proportion of state-owned enterprises. This year, the province conscientiously implement the State Council on the steel and coal industry to resolve the overcapacity achieve turnaround development views, respectively, study and formulate the implementation plan, efforts to solve the poor business classification disposal, rescue companies out compensation, corporate social functions transfer, workers shunt placement, etc. issue, from 2016 to 2020 Yajian crude steel production capacity of 15 million tons of pig iron production capacity of 9.7 million tons, 64.6 million tons of coal production capacity to resolve the province refine the decomposition of the annual goals and tasks, signed letters of responsibility goals. At present, the work is solid and orderly conduct.
For the chemical industry, to lead the province to strengthen security, to implement the relocation transformation and restructuring of battle, and clear by the end of 2018, the focus in the sensitive areas of chemical enterprises, enterprises of dangerous chemicals, new chemical companies must "for admission into the area." Since last year, the province of illicit chemical companies and illegal chemical projects to conduct a comprehensive clean-up regulation, a total of 1850 corporate reorganization, safety and environmental risks shutting down enterprises 922. Next, the province will complete the rating on the basis of the evaluation work on the research plan targeting the chemical industry and chemical industry park layout, do a good job cleaning up and consolidation park.
Shipbuilding industry is a great impact on the market by the international shipping industry is a capital-intensive, labor-intensive industries, Shandong would have been half the excess capacity. On the one hand the province in accordance with national unified plan, a comprehensive rectification illegal items. February 2014 to June 2015, the cumulative production capacity of 2.5 million to clean up the ship dwt. On the other hand insist on market regulation, to encourage joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, the shipbuilding industry is currently a lot of domestic first-class facilities and equipment, the main business revenue and profit ranks third.
Information from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission show that the province will actively and steadily to capacity, strict implementation of environmental protection, energy consumption, safety and other regulations and policies, the collapse of backward production capacity exit law in accordance with regulations to accelerate in the second half of this year to resolve production capacity 2.7 million tons of pig iron, crude steel 2.7 million tons, 10.06 million tons of coal. Meanwhile, the province will encourage and guide financial institutions to maintain financing policy continuity, increase the integration of excess capacity, corporate mergers and acquisitions difficult market players credit support, in an orderly revaluation of debt, bankruptcy and liquidation. The province will do the resettlement work, the Special Award for national funds complement, strengthen personnel training and retraining, early retirement and other internal personnel to implement part of the combine.



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