Jiangsu provincial government office issued a notice about the severe resolutely ban "to be steel construction material" production and sales

July 29 CCTV exposure Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province, illegal producer of China Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet case, the provincial party attaches great importance to the matter. Now the state is vigorously promote the reform of the supply side of the pre-province eliminate backward production capacity to achieve good results, but this year the province this year to the production capacity target is still arduous, plus Hangzhou G20 held soon, the entire upgrade environmental requirements in such a large context, the Jiangsu provincial government office issued a notice in early August to crack resolutely ban "," to be steel construction material "production and sales.
To define the bars: all with scrap iron and steel as raw material, through the induction melting furnace, the production can not effectively carry out quality control of ingredients and raw materials for steel and rolled steel.
From this definition can be seen, the inspection mainly for smaller businesses IF furnace, the recent cut-off frequency furnace in Northern companies do not resume production, part of the complex production companies shut down again, late to work with the government, there should be more related to discontinued businesses, the recent rumors that have all of Jiangsu IF furnace will face shutdown, and now the entire production in Jiangsu province IF furnace capable of at the level of 30 million tons.
The provincial government will organize a special send photos and Reform Commission, Economic and Information Technology Committee, the Public Security Bureau, Department of Environmental Protection, Housing and Urban Construction Department, Trade and Industry Bureau, Bureau of Quality Supervision, Safety Supervision Bureau, power companies and other departments and units to participate inspection teams, each local production and sales to steel production and sales dragnet investigation, carry out special operations to crack down against the bars. The fight against lax, ineffective work to be steel production and sales act as "umbrella", not to take measures to shut down, engage in local protectionism, irresponsible, even deliberately concealed, should be held accountable and relevant local personnel.
The action is divided into 4 stages each:
August 4 --10 days propaganda stage; August 10-20 day self carding stage; August 20 --30 days, centralized rectification stage; August 31 the regional control requirements, careful inspection work is completed, implementation of the relevant measures and task management, development of management mechanism, complete the relevant summaries of the provincial government office.
Recent central environmental group has been working in the country, it also allows the provinces feel the pressure, to fend for themselves to carry out preparatory work related, with countries supply side reforms. Overall, the second half must be completed overall capacity elimination target, the intensity of inspection of the provinces and sustainability will be greater than expected, in the long run is good for the Steel City.



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