Jiangsu sun "to production capacity," Transcript

September 5 morning, the Jiangsu provincial government held a "supply-side reform series issued" second special press conference to the media industry in Jiangsu province to resolve the overcapacity work objectives and tasks, progress and related initiatives.
Ben Wang from the meeting was informed that, at present, Jiangsu Province, iron and steel, coal production capacity to work has achieved initial results, progress in the country in a leading position. By the end of October this year, Jiangsu Province will be completed ahead of the annual iron and China Aluzinc Steel Sheet Coil, coal production capacity to the task. In addition, the province's cement, plate glass, the shipbuilding industry has completed the task to resolve the 119% target amount of 100%, 43%, is expected to go over the key industries in 2016 production target can be completed on schedule.
Jiangsu Provincial Government Secretary-General Wang Zhizhong said Jiangsu Province, "1025" period to resolve the overcapacity has achieved positive results. After efforts by the year 2020 ( "Thirteen Five"), the province's supply-side structural reforms to promote the production capacity will achieve significant progress, excess capacity can be effectively Yajian, "zombie companies" Basic clearing, the high proportion of production capacity continuously rising.
"Corporate mergers and acquisitions" is one important measure of excess capacity to resolve, according to Jiangsu Province Economic and Information Technology Committee, deputy director of the definition introduced in 2015, the province's implementation of the merger and reorganization of enterprises in Jiangsu Province is 221, 251 mergers and acquisitions projects member, mergers and acquisitions contribution is 66.8 billion yuan. Jiangsu corporate mergers and acquisitions reflect the following characteristics: to expand the scale, the level of increase; the transformation and upgrading of strategic acquisitions dominant; emerging industry mergers and acquisitions to become the main direction; mergers and acquisitions of listed companies getting stronger.
Excess capacity in the process of resolving the Jiangsu Province attaches great importance to workers shunt placement work in the "fine service" aspect of the relentless efforts. "Currently, we went to Jiangsu production capacity of enterprises to carry out comprehensive diagnostic survey, the province's coal iron and steel industry employees to be reemployed real-name system management information rate of 100%, these people are all integrated into the database information management. Next, we need one hand employment and entrepreneurship training in this part of the group, on the one hand the work underpinning the employment of disadvantaged groups. by underpinning the placement of public service jobs, to protect the lives of these workers and build a strong bottom line. "provincial human resources and Social security Department Deputy Director Zhou Ying introduction.
It is reported that Jiangsu Province has been the first in China issued a "resolve the overcapacity in the development process of a turnaround good workers resettlement opinions", highlighting the protection of life, promoting employment, anti-risk "three key" clearly internal shunt , Early retirement, transfer the employment and underpinning resettlement "four main channels"; the country have introduced the opinions employee placement.
This year, Jiangsu Province, to be included in the national steel production target task coal companies totaling 24,751 employees to be reemployed, including iron and steel enterprises 2567 people, 22184 people of coal enterprises. By the end of July, two coal iron and steel industry total 15749 people shunt placement, completed 63.6% of the annual task, in which the coal industry has shunt placement 15156 people, all focused on Xu Mining Group, completed 68.3% of the annual task. The province's overall job placement of workers proceeded smoothly, a smooth and orderly.



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