Jiangxi steel industry production equipment to dismantle ceremony was held in Ping

August 30, the province's steel industry production equipment to dismantle a ceremony at the city's Ping An held China Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet company, with a large crane Ping An Steel 420 cubic meters of blast furnace equipment dismantling, marking the province's steel industry production capacity to 4.33 million tons task completed, a move to accelerate the province's steel industry supply-side reform, promote the development of iron and steel enterprises turnaround, increase efficiency, upgrade and will play an important role in promoting. Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Xiaoping announced the provincial government to the province's steel industry production results and issued demolition orders, the provincial Industry and Information Commission, party secretary, Hu Shizhong, director presided over the ceremony. Mayor Li River, Song DeVito Provincial Development and Reform Commission deputy director, deputy mayor Ouyang fresh, Provincial Industry and Information Commission deputy director Liu Yu, deputy director of the Provincial Administration of Work Safety Wang small boat, the provincial People and Social Council Chamber, Deputy Inspector Ren edge, the provincial Department of Environmental Protection Deputy inspector Chang and Ji, vice mayor of Yichun City as standard Chen, assistant to the mayor of Ganzhou Wei Qingshan attend.
The ceremony, Deputy Mayor of the city of Pingxiang fresh Ouyang, vice mayor of Yichun city as standard Chen, assistant to the mayor of Ganzhou Wei Qingshan were reported on the city's steel industry to resolve the overcapacity situation and the results, chairman of Ping An Steel Xia Jianguo made a statement statement. Fresh Ouyang said the next step, according to the State Council and provincial governments will Pingxiang requirements, earnestly resolve the overcapacity in the steel industry working to promote the removal of business equipment, strengthen supervision and evaluation to ensure the timely completion of the full 2016 production capacity of the steel industry to task. Strong support for the steel industry technological innovation, encourage enterprises to speed up the adjustment of product structure, characteristics and advantages of technology and equipment upgrades and product development, extending upstream and downstream industries of steel products, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry.
It is reported that, in recent years, the municipal government closely around the main urban transformation strategy and strictly implement national industrial policies, in accordance on the steel industry to resolve the overcapacity in the development of a turnaround job requirements, an orderly fashion to the steel industry production capacity. The city set up a leading group to capacity, the capacity of the various tasks to co-ordinate the deployment, coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems arise, the formation of the various departments and make concerted efforts to jointly promote the work. The capacity to work included in the agenda to develop a program of work, a clear time limit to the capacity of work, out of action, the target task decomposition to specific departments, counties and businesses. Production capacity on a regular basis to conduct supervision and inspection, to strengthen the guidance of the enterprise's production capacity. 2016 to the city's steel industry production target task 215 tons, respectively, Ping Pingxiang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. closed down 60 tons capacity and Jiangxi Ping Special Steel Co., Ltd. closed down 155 tons capacity. Currently, Ping Steel Company main equipment has been removed in place; Ping An Steel sintering machine is being dismantled, 35 tons of converter have been sealed, 420 cubic meters of blast furnace start demolition. Proper placement of workers, to resolve the remaining issues. Ping steel companies through the extension of the upstream and downstream industries, and the development of renewable resource projects, labor projects and other measures to external compression proper placement of the shunt employees. The municipal government is fully committed to stable post subsidies, re-employment and other policies, in 2015 the city granted subsidies for 12.2 million yuan steady Kong, held a "Pingxiang City reemployment (Pinggang special) recruitment", invested nearly 50 million yuan for Ping steel community Affairs handed over to help businesses of natural gas and hydropower pipe network transformation.
Since 2012, China Fangda Group restructuring, Ping An all-round steel import "listen to the party, with the party" corporate policy, practice "for government business enterprises must be good for business, good for workers favorable" corporate values in accelerating development, the elimination of backward production capacity as a corporate quality and efficiency of the inevitable choice and important way. Since 2015, Ping An initiative to eliminate 90m2 less steel sintering machine 3, 420m3 blast furnace 1, 35 tons of converter 1 and supporting facilities processes, to achieve backward production capacity of 600,000 tons, shutting down the annual output of 500,000 tons of coking plant, now, business equipment all in compliance with the national steel industry policy requirements.



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