Jilin Environmental Protection Department to help the cylinder to the coal industry capacity.

"Go to capacity, to inventory, to leverage, reduce costs, make short board" is determined by the central government to promote economic restructuring of major decisions. But to production capacity, especially for the excess capacity of China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet and coal industry to resolve, is the supply side of structural reform task of the most important.
In accordance with the "State Council on the steel industry to resolve the excess capacity to achieve the development of the views of difficulties" (Guo Fa [2016] 6) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and "support the iron and steel industry to resolve excess capacity to achieve the views of the development 2016] 47) requirements, the Environmental Protection Agency has set up to resolve the excess capacity of steel and coal to promote the work of the Group, and the provincial government to coordinate the management of the Office of Public Administration jointly issued a "standard construction project on environmental management services and promote economic and social development notice" (2016) No. 47) and formulated and issued the Opinions on Implementation of Supporting the Iron and Steel Industry to Resolve Overcapacity to Achieve the Development of the Development of the Poor (No. 2016 [2010] No. 32), in accordance with the " , Rectify a number of norms, improve the filing of a number of "work requirements, clean up environmental non-compliance construction projects put forward clear guidance. And the next step in the work, from the following seven areas to further help resolve the excess capacity of steel and coal industry.
Strict construction project environmental access. To effectively control the construction of industrial projects, industrial policy access, site access, customs clearance of environmental feasibility, strict control overcapacity industry new capacity, the violation of national industrial policy, threatening ecological safety, endangering the public environmental rights and interests of the construction project Determined not to grant.
Second, a comprehensive survey of the steel industry, environmental protection. To guide the environmental protection departments around the implementation of the steel enterprises one by one monitoring grid, regulatory programs, regulatory responsibility, the establishment of the administrative area of iron and steel enterprises in the list of issues, so that "the end of clear, the situation is clear, quasi-quasi-" and guide the completion of the next rectification .
Third, strict environmental supervision and law enforcement. Comprehensively strengthen the environmental supervision and law enforcement of iron and steel enterprises, accelerate the rectification and reform hopeless iron and steel enterprises to withdraw, according to the implementation of daily penalties, the transfer of public security organs and other coercive measures to ensure the discharge standards.
Fourth, according to an accurate collection of sewage charges. Strengthen the monitoring of the types and quantities of pollutants discharged by the steel industry, so as to ensure that all receivables should be collected and collected in full and in full, and non-conforming double levies and policies shall be halved.
Fifth, do a good job of iron and steel enterprise site development and utilization of environmental safety management. Organize and guide the iron and steel enterprises to prevent secondary pollution and secondary emergent environmental events during the process of shutting down and relocating, and ensuring the effective control of the environmental risks before the site is re-exploited and used.
Sixth, strengthen the joint punishment. Strengthen the connection with the public security organs, procuratorial organs and judicial organs to strengthen the iron and steel enterprises serious environmental law cases transfer, joint investigation, information sharing and joint punishment.
Seven, increase the environmental information disclosure efforts. In the government website set up "environmental illegal exposure units", the first in the iron and steel industry to establish environmental illegal enterprises "blacklist" system, clear responsibility departments and personnel, irregularly published environmental law and order list of iron and steel enterprises.
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