Latin American steel consumption in the first half profit down 12% in the largest decline in Brazil

Latin American Iron and Steel Institute (Alacero) said the first half of this year, the Latin American steel apparent consumption of 31.4 million tons, down 12% year on year. Wherein the flat steel is 16.6 million tons, accounting for 53 percent, longs 14.4 million tons, accounting for 46% of seamless China Stainless Steel Coil pipe 339,000 tons, accounting for 1%.
Apparent steel consumption in the first half, the Brazilian largest decline, down 24 percent to 2.8 million tons, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador were down 10%, 2% and 13%. Increase in consumption is the largest in Peru, an increase of 8 million tons, an increase of 6%, Honduras by 27% by 3,5 million tonnes, Panama increased by 3%.
Alacero said the first half of Latin American crude steel production of 28.5 million tons, down 11% year on year. Where Brazil is 14.9 million tons, down 13% year on year. Steel production 25.1 million tons, down 7% year on year. 10.2 million tons with Brazil, Mexico, 9.3 million tons, accounting for 41% and 37% of steel production in Latin America, respectively.
Import and export, the first half of the Latin American steel imports totaled 10.4 million tons, down 21% year on year, which accounted for 67% of the flat products, long products accounted for 29%, seamless 2%. Currently, imports accounted for 33% of steel apparent consumption, has caused some damage to the local steel industry. At the same time, Latin American steel exports 4.5 million tons, up by 11%. Which accounted for 53% of flat products, long products accounted for 39% and 8% of seamless steel tubes. Import and export trade deficit for the first half of 5.9 million tons, lower than the same period last year 900 tons. Brazil is the only net exporter, trade surplus 1.8 million tons. Mexico is the largest trade deficit of 2.9 million tons, 1.2 million tons followed by Colombia, Chile and Peru, 789,000 tons 786,000 tons.



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