Li Keqiang: a serious excess capacity of steel and other industries around the industry may not add capacity

Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting on October 8 to determine further streamlining the government approved investment projects to deepen the reform and greater release of market vitality; decided to simplify the management of foreign-funded enterprises such as examination and approval to create a better open environment; Agricultural modernization plan "to promote agricultural development rural farmers to increase income.
The meeting pointed out that in 2013, 2014, two streamlined government investment projects approved on the basis of further decentralization of approved projects, is to implement the comprehensive reform of the deployment of deepening, and promote the transformation of government functions an important measure to mobilize the parties to develop enthusiasm, The main body to expand the rational and effective investment. The meeting decided that, according to the experience of the past few years, can be within the scope of national planning, investment projects approved a clear standard of decentralization. First, investment projects for container terminals, inland waterway navigation and electric power hubs, vehicle engines, urban rapid rail transit and so on can be delegated and approved by the provincial government according to relevant planning and access standards. China Railway Corporation invested in railways, bridges, tunnels and other projects by its own decision-making. Research to increase medical, education, culture, sports and other social areas to open investment in private efforts. Second, the steel, coal, electrolytic aluminum and other industries with serious excess capacity, not in any way around the new capacity, in principle, no longer approved the new traditional fuel vehicle manufacturers. Third, in accordance with the principle of who is responsible for the supervision and supervision, who is in charge who supervise the implementation of the strict implementation of regulatory responsibilities, strengthen the land-saving energy, water, technology, security and other access to the "threshold". With a strong "release" and effective "management", the market in the allocation of resources play a decisive role and better play the role of government.
The meeting held that it is important to promote a new round of high-level opening-up by replicating the experience of FTA, deepening the reform of decentralization and decentralization, and optimizing services so as to create a fair and fair business environment for domestic and foreign enterprises. content. According to the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on the Law on Amending the Law on Foreign-funded Enterprises, the meeting decided that in the future, foreign-invested enterprises will not have any equity in the prohibited, restricted and encouraged categories in the Catalog of Guidance for Foreign Investment in 2015. The enterprise establishment and change shall be changed from the examination and approval to the record, and the record shall not be regarded as the precondition for the formalities of handling the registration of industry and commerce and foreign exchange. With this reform, the establishment of foreign-invested enterprises and change of approval will be reduced by more than 95%. Relevant departments should enhance efficiency, targeted to strengthen investment promotion and services, while strengthening supervision after things to encourage honesty and law-abiding. The next step is to continue to optimize special access control measures in accordance with the requirements of opening wider to the outside world.
The meeting pointed out that agricultural modernization is the foundation and support of national modernization. To implement the new concept of development, accelerate the transformation of agricultural development, improve quality and competitiveness. First, we must promote institutional innovation, stability and improve the basic management system in rural areas, and guide farmers in accordance with the law and orderly transfer of land management rights, the development of various forms of appropriate scale of operation. Second, to optimize the layout of the agricultural industry, relying on scientific and technological innovation to adjust the agricultural production structure, improve the mechanization, information technology, and enhance food security and other important agricultural products. Third, we must promote the integration of rural one two three industries, cultivate new business operators and professional farmers, the development of deep processing of agricultural products and e-commerce, creative leisure agriculture and other new formats, multi-channel promotion of farmers' income. Fourth, the implementation of green agriculture major projects, strictly chemical fertilizers, pesticides, feed additives, such as the use of management, promote the utilization of agricultural waste recycling harmless treatment, comprehensive prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution, and strengthen agricultural quality and safety supervision. Fifth, we should increase the support of agriculture, agriculture and rich peasants, improve financial investment and stable growth mechanism, broaden the market channels of social capital investment, optimize agricultural subsidies policy, innovation credit, insurance and other agricultural support measures to vigorously support the poverty-stricken areas out of poverty. Sixth, to promote agricultural modernization and the new urbanization complement each other, strengthen the local main responsibility, due to city policy, to protect the basic housing needs of residents, and strive to live and promote the real estate market stable and healthy development.
The meeting also studied other matters.



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