Lin Nian Xiu, deputy director of supervision led his unit went to Shanxi coal industry iron and steel work to resolve the overcapacity

According to the State Council, the unified deployment, August 30, the National Development and Reform Commission, party members, deputy director Lin Nian Xiu comrades led, led by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Human Resources and Social Security, the National Energy Bureau, China Iron and Steel Association, China coal industry Association inspection team consisting of responsible comrades, Shanxi coal iron and steel industry to resolve the overcapacity in progress to conduct supervision. State Office supervises the room about comrades inspection work.
Inspection team held a Shanxi coal defuse steel overcapacity inspection work conference in Taiyuan. Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Governor Gao Jianmin, Shanxi Provincial Committee, deputy governor of Shanxi Province, Fu Jianhua introduced to resolve the coal iron and steel overcapacity work in progress, the provincial departments and inspection teams carried out interaction.
Lin Nian Xiu first conveyed the central leaders on efforts to resolve the coal industry, iron and China Aluzinc Steel Sheet Coil overcapacity work and work related to supervision of important instructions, we introduced the relevant background and the main purpose of this inspection work. Lin Nian Xiu noted that on the one hand, Shanxi iron and steel, coal production capacity and capacity to the task were among the nation's capacity to Shanxi work is related to the overall situation of the country to produce important work. Progress needs to accelerate Shanxi, need to increase efforts to ensure the completion of this task to capacity, and strive exceeded. On the other hand, Shanxi emphasis on resource-based economy, at the same time to resolve the excess capacity to explore new paths in terms of driving industry transformation and upgrading, promote the steel around the coal industry and other optimization and constantly sum up new experience. On the supervision work, Lin read repair requirements, it is necessary to do a good job with the support of the second is to reflect the real situation, the third is to provide accurate data, Fourth, we should attach great importance to guide public opinion.
Inspection group also spot verification of the Shanxi Coking Coal Group mine Baijiazhuang Nam, Baijiazhuang mine II wells shut down excess capacity situation, deep under the Shanxi Coking Coal Mine Crown TISCO production lines and conducted an investigation.



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