Mexico intensified anti-dumping on Chinese steel

Mexican Ministry of Economy decided to coated sheet imports from China, including Taiwan imposed provisional anti-dumping duties. Levying coated sheet from mainland China imported 19.2-43.8 cents / kg provisional anti-dumping duties, which the Tangshan Iron and Steel 43.8 cents / kg Baosteel 19.2 cents / kg Shougang cold rolled sheet 34.6 cents / kg, the Beijing Shougang Tang 41.8 cents / kg, the other 43.8 cents / kg. China Taiwan China Steel Corporation and other provisional anti-dumping duty 56.3 cents / kg.
Ternium and domestic steel manufacturers should Tenigal request, the Government of Mexico in September 2015 initiated anti-dumping investigations. Products involved customs codes 7210.30.01,7210.30.99,7210.41.01,7210.41.99,7210.49.01,7210.49.02,7210.49.03,7210.49.04,7210.49.99,7210.61.01,7210.70.01, 7210.70.99,7212.20.01,7212.20.02,7212.20.99,7212.30.01,7212.30.02,7212.30.99,7212.40.03,7212.40.99,7225.91.01,7225.92.01,7226.99.01 and 7226.99. 02. Investigation period from May 2014 to April 2015.
However, the local government decided to tax importers expressed opposition, they say, the Mexican domestic China Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet industry is unable to provide such high-quality products to meet the needs of the local automotive industry, the need for such products imported duty free and without any restrictions, otherwise coated product will result in domestic shortages and rising prices, while the tax will affect the competitiveness of the local automotive industry.
According to my steel data show that in May 2014-April 2015 period, Chinese exports to Mexico coated sheet 204,300 tons, export 55,000 tons in the first half of this year, since reflexive dumping investigations decreased exports.
Since last year, Mexico to step up imports from China steel anti-dumping, despite being importers opposition, but anti-dumping cases is still rising. At present, China's major steel anti-dumping are: hot rolled coil, anti-dumping duty 335.6-354.92 dollars / ton; cold rolled coils (including boron-containing cold roll), the anti-dumping tax rate of 65.99% -103.41%, recently decided to boron cold rolled coils levy countervailing duty rate as high as 103.42%. Another wire rod, the provisional anti-dumping duty of $ 0.49 / kg.



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