NDRC: cracked down on manufacturing "to be steel" violations

Coal iron and China Aluzinc Steel Sheet Coil industry to resolve excess capacity and turnaround development Ministerial Joint Office of the Jiangsu Xinyi small steel illegal production and sales situation briefing
September 12, coal iron and steel industry to resolve excess capacity and turnaround development Ministerial Joint Office of the Ming Chuan telegram issued "Bulletin", the recent exposure of CCTV Xinyi illegal production and sales of small mills were notified.
"Notification" that the steel mill project is a small Xinyi illegal construction, the main production equipment are all obsolete outdated equipment, environmental pollution problems highlighted, product completely belong "to be steel" category countries to crack down, there is a more serious quality problems, according to "People's Republic of China product quality law", "People's Republic of China environmental impact Assessment law" and other laws, regulations and industrial policies, the iron and steel project, the production of both typical of illegal activities, should be according to the law be severely punished in accordance with regulations.
"Bulletin" suggested that the event has generated more bad social impact. First, to effectively resolve the overcapacity in the steel work to bring more serious negative impact. Second, the small steel mills in the illicit production of "ground bars" in the process, there is no effective environmental protection measures, on the surrounding environment and the health of residents have a more serious harm. Third, the production and sale of illegal acts "to be steel," not only seriously interfere with the normal production and operation of the regional steel market, but also because of poor product quality, the people's lives and property caused significant problems.
"Notification" requirement, Jiangsu Province, to attach great importance to the negative impact of this event due to root out the causes of the incident, as not seriously investigated, those responsible for someone's random act. Meanwhile, to learn by analogy, to carry out illegal new steel projects in a province-wide survey, prohibited new steel production capacity; the illegal enterprise completely water power, removal of production equipment, clean up the plant, the confiscation of the means of production, confiscation of products, and strengthen accountability, serious investigation and public exposure involved companies.
"Bulletin" that all regions should seriously draw lessons from the incident, warning, prohibited the construction of new steel production projects, cracked down on manufacturing "to be steel," the violations, maintaining market order of fair competition. Next, all concerned should conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy, according to the "State Council on the steel industry to resolve the overcapacity in the development of a turnaround opinions" (Guo Fa [2016] No. 6), actively promoting the capacity to work resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, to crack down on manufacturing and selling "to be steel" and other unlawful activities "to be steel" capacity and backward production capacity to be removed immediately and may not "Amoy without eliminating" to prevent "ground bars" and backward production capacity "resurgence."
First, carry out self-correction. The relevant regions should within its jurisdiction illegal construction steel project and the illegal manufacture and sale of behavior "to be steel" and other steel products to conduct a "dragnet" comprehensive survey of the illegal acts found to be severely punished, timely reporting and public exposure investigation results, so found severely dealt with, along with exposure, determined not stay dead.
Second, resolutely and strictly control new capacity. The relevant areas, departments may use any name or by any means filing new capacity steel project. All projects must be implemented for the record steel capacity replacement indicator to the public. The relevant departments and agencies shall not apply to projects for new capacity, the energy assessment, environmental assessment, production license approval and additional credit support and other related services.
The third is to strengthen the three special action. All relevant departments should earnestly organize good elimination of backwardness, clean up illegal construction projects, three joint law enforcement special operations, through various forms, strengthen law enforcement and inspection to keep the illegal behavior of high-pressure situation to crack down on illegal construction and operation behavior, according to the law to promote the excess capacity to accelerate the exit, the maintenance of fair competition in the market order.
Fourth, increase accountability efforts. The relevant regions and departments should attach great importance to the illegal construction of the investigative work of production behavior in the fight against the new steel production capacity and the illegal manufacture and sale of steel products is not firm, resolve excess capacity working poor, and even engage in local protection to illegal production and selling "to be steel" business to act as "umbrella", failure to report, according to the law strictly pursue the responsibility of leadership and relevant staff about, will not be tolerated.
Fifth, strengthen public supervision. The relevant areas, departments should establish and improve the reporting system of admissibility, published on the illegal construction of steel production capacity and selling "to be steel" and other violations of hotlines, accept public supervision.



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