NDRC deployment steel production capacity to the coal industry

National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference on the macroeconomic situation
Zhao Xin Chen:
Members reporter friends, Hello everybody morning, welcome to participate in the National Development and Reform Commission regularly scheduled monthly news conference theme. Released today we will focus on six aspects, namely: "three major strategies" and "three major tasks" to promote, the supply-side structural reforms to the coal industry, especially the China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet production capacity, the July electricity and transport logistics operation, investment operating conditions, and prices run Regulated prices, economic reform situation.
First, the "three strategies", "three major tasks" to promote the situation
This includes "along the way", the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River economic belt, new urbanization, international cooperation capacity, double hit 6 parts.
About "along the way"
In the leading group under the unified arrangements "along the way," according to co-ordinate the overall situation of building a view to practical results, focus aiming direction, focusing on the country, focusing on projects, and achieved positive results.
One is to strengthen the strategic docking cooperation consensus. Strengthen communication and consultation along the country, along with further promote national strategic docking, planning and so on. Signed the "construction of Mongolia and Russia Economic Corridor Plan" was closed during the SCO summit. Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries signed a bilateral cooperation plan for the preparation of a memorandum of understanding. Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Saudi Arabia and other countries signed the "strengthening" Silk Road Online "construction MOU", and Serbia signed an agreement on cooperation to jointly promote the capacity of the Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations and ESCAP signed its first international inter-organization Change "along the way" cooperation documents.
Second is to strengthen interoperability, building land and sea corridors. Mongolia and Russia in the direction of economic corridors, and Russia and Mongolia signed a cooperation framework agreement port, completed the Sino-Mongolian border Wuliji ports open. New Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor direction, the issuance of "Central Europe Trains brand-building program", focusing on creating a unified logistics brand-EU trains. European Union held the first outside of trains during the ceremony President Xi Jinping visits Poland. China - Central Asia - West Economic Corridor direction, in Giuseppe railway "Angren - Pap" Railway Tunnel project (Ukrainian territory) opened to traffic, Tajikistan "Vahdat - Daya Bay" One tunnel through bridge and tunnel project. China - Indochina economic corridor direction, Accor million high-iron construction start segment leader, the old railway construction progressing smoothly. Yuxi territory - Mohan railway projects are under construction. Pakistan Economic Corridor direction, two Pakistani Karakoram Highway, Karachi highway construction, a number of key projects in Lahore rail lines Orange complete financing. Pakistan Karachi and Chashma nuclear power project is progressing well. BCIM economic corridor direction, Shikoku China joint research report has been completed. Myanmar Kyaukpyu Special Economic Zone project Chinese consortium has won the bid. 21st Century Maritime Silk Road direction, the port city of Colombo, Sri Lanka resumed, Hambantota Port Phase II Project is nearing completion, the Greek port of Piraeus equity acquisitions complete delivery.
Third, deepen production cooperation, expand investment and trade. Capacity to accelerate cooperation. Up to now, various bilateral and multilateral co-production fund size of over 100 billion US dollars. Has with France, Germany, South Korea, Britain, Spain and other countries reached important consensus on the co-development "along the way" along the third-party market. Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Iran and other countries to carry out nuclear cooperation, and promote China's independent third generation nuclear power technology, "Hualong One" and other nuclear technology out of the country. Trade and investment facilitation standards continued to improve. China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Upgrade "Protocol" came into effect. Chinese - Turkish cross-border e-commerce platform has been on-line start. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, customs clearance at border crossings starting agricultural products "green channel", shortened to 90% of agricultural clearance. Cooperation outside the park flourish. Up to now, our country has built 46 enterprises in the zone "along the way" along the country.
Fourth synergy of all forces, formed to build together. Continue to improve the design of the middle. Standard Unicom "along the way" plan of action to promote and build "along the way" education action introduced. Support local advantage. Ningxia and support Arab and Muslim regions capacity to carry out cooperation. Guangdong support the national industrial park layout Southeast Asia. Strengthen financial support guarantee. People's Bank and the 21 national central banks along the signed bilateral currency swap agreements. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has opened operations. Silk Road Fund to continue to increase financial support. Promoting the development of marine economy. Oceanic Administration to carry out development finance to promote the development of marine economy pilot work in support of sea-related enterprises to "go." Guidance Ningbo Shipping Exchange and other units set up Haishangsilu shipping large data center for the development of the Maritime Silk Route index inject innovation momentum. Deepen cultural exchanges and cooperation. Ministry of Education, along with more than 60 countries signed the agreement on educational cooperation, has organized 37 educational projects in countries along, 131 Confucius Institutes and 119 Confucius Classrooms. 2015 Nearly half of foreign students "along the way" along the country. Joint Maritime Silk Road nomination has already started.
On the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin
This year, close cooperation of all concerned, do solid work, to promote the implementation of the "Beijing, Tianjin Cooperative Development Plan" tasks.
First, always put the ease Beijing ordered non-capital function guiding role model joint development of Beijing, Tianjin and core strategies to promote coordination function to undertake major research and demonstration platform for planning and construction of the project and play ease policy as.
Second annual key projects and major events as the starting point, drive traffic, ecology, industry, the first breakthrough in three key areas to speed up construction projects, give full play to its leading role in supporting collaborative development.
Third, follow the path to point, the easier issues first, and actively promote the reform and innovation pilot demonstration of a number of major issues have been landing in Beijing, Tianjin, the co-development of sustained momentum.
Fourth, give full play to the guiding role of government, and actively introduce market mechanisms work together to promote education, health, poverty alleviation and social development, and strive to improve the level of equalization of public services. And constantly improve the mechanism for promoting joint development work, the combination of work force.
In general, the joint development of effective and orderly progress, in Beijing to ease the orderly function of the non-capital focus on economic growth in the first half of 6.7%; Tianjin continuously enhance endogenous development of power, economic growth in the first half of 9.2%; Hebei actively resolve excess capacity and promoting industrial restructuring, economic growth of 6.6% in the first half, three provinces develop holistic, coordinated further enhanced.
About Yangtze River Economic Belt
This year, we work with the relevant departments and 11 provinces and cities along the Yangtze River, conscientiously implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping in promoting the Yangtze River economic belt development forum on important speech, firmly establish a new concept of development, adhere to the ecological priority, green development, conservation and restoration Yangtze River ecological environment in the forefront, solid and orderly promote the work.
First, water environment management focus on accelerating the construction of green ecological corridor. Organize the Yangtze River economic belt "Together for Great Protection" outstanding issues special inspection of the chemical industry along the river pollution, pollution from ships, coastal waters and lakes and reservoirs River ecological management, ecological protection measures to implement the policy and other issues to conduct audits. "Black Harbour", the illegal sand mining rectification to achieve substantive results, which cleared the Yangtze River "Black Harbour" 1256.
Second, smooth golden waterway, focusing on promoting an integrated three-dimensional transport corridor construction. The Yangtze River Waterway accelerate the construction of 12.5 meters deep water, other dry feeder channel regulation in an orderly way, actively promote Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Nanjing regional shipping center and logistics and shipping center, Zhoushan Sea Combined Service Center. Zhoushan Jianghai intermodal service centers have been approved by the State Council, the overall implementation of the program has been issued.
The third is to focus on inter-provincial consultation and cooperation to accelerate institutional innovation. Issued Yangtze River Economic Belt provincial consultation and cooperation with the overall scheme, the relevant provinces and municipalities on the establishment of upstream, midstream consensus regional consultation and cooperation mechanisms. Downstream provinces continue to play the role of the existing cooperation mechanisms. Chongqing, Yu Xiang and other provinces to strengthen strategic cooperation. Multi-level consultation and cooperation mechanism, the Yangtze River Basin subregion is now taking shape.
About new urbanization
This year, the new urbanization construction deepening of landing some key policy entered a substantive stage, a number of major projects progressing smoothly, the new growth areas and emerging space.
First, the agricultural population transfer Citizen overall progress smoothly. Provinces, regions and municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have introduced specific household registration system reform advice, there are 11 provinces formulated specific measures for implementation, residence "gold" has been increasing. Covering urban basic public services to accelerate the resident population, the National Registration insurance pilot has been expanded to 50% of the country, urban and rural pension insurance convergence orderly manner, to accelerate the integration of the basic medical insurance.
Second, small cities and small towns development accelerated. Support small and medium cities and small towns to speed up the filled water, heat, gas, sewage and waste management development short board supports 37 towns of infrastructure investment and financing model innovation, continue to support pilot and demonstration towns infrastructure and public service facilities construction. Some large towns by promoting a large sector reform and other measures to break the practical difficulties "small horse cart". Characteristics of small towns emerged intensive, focused on building livable industry, innovation and entrepreneurial environment, has become a supply-side structural reforms to promote an important platform. :
Third, to further enhance urban functions. The first half of various shantytowns started 4.016 million units, accounting for 66.9% of the annual task, an increase of 8.2 percentage points, the town affordable housing projects basically completed 3.66 million units, accounting for 97.9% of the annual task. Accelerate the construction of smart city and green livable city. Rail Transit and other public transportation system to accelerate the development, opening and operation of 25 urban rail transit, the total mileage of more than 3300 kilometers, 37 cities in the construction of rail transit total mileage over 3800 km. Intercity transportation network is completed mileage of about 1250 km.
Fourth, efforts to cultivate new economic growth pole. Continuously expand the development of new space, the issuance of the implementation of the Yangtze River Delta, Chengdu-Chongqing Urban Agglomeration, Ha Long city group development plan, push forward the development of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River city group cooperation to implement the tasks.
Fifth, deepen international cooperation urbanization. Implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, successfully held the first APEC High Level Forum on Urbanization. Urbanization in Central Europe 2016, held partnership and pragmatic cooperation project signing ceremony, Prime Minister Li Keqiang and European Commission President Juncker attended the ceremony and witnessed the EU-China cooperation projects signed urbanization.
Capacity on international cooperation
This year, the international cooperation capacity made new progress in "expanding external demand, smooth interoperability, excellent layout, make up the short board, reduce costs, anti-risk" six aspects.
First, the expansion of external demand, carry out multi-bilateral mechanisms of cooperation, help enterprises to explore the international market. Give full play to the intergovernmental cooperation mechanism to promote the role of business projects and contract orders, efforts to release production cooperation needs. It has signed bilateral cooperation agreements or memoranda capacity with 22 countries, and "along the way" along the production and international cooperation priority countries carry out the planning and project docking docking. Organized by the Boao Forum for Asia Cooperation Forum and other international production Forum Events, contributed to a number of projects signed or intention to reach. January to June this year, foreign contracted projects new contract amount of $ 99.7 billion, an increase of 15%, effectively pulling the goods and services exports.
Second smooth interoperability, and support enterprises to promote the railway, port projects, promote infrastructure and equipment out to sea. Support qualified enterprises to carry out overseas on commercial principles infrastructure cooperation, and promote the surrounding "along the way" countries along the interconnection. A number of foreign railways, ports and major projects in the old railway, Thailand railway, railway plug Hungary, India Niya million high iron 俄罗斯莫喀 high-speed rail, railway Yaghi, Kenya and Mongolia railway, Central "Three harbor areas" cooperation has made positive progress .
Third, excellent layout, and guide enterprises to rationally allocate resources to promote industrial structure adjustment and optimization. Support qualified enterprises to market-oriented production configuration resources to the environmental quality of production capacity and equipment to meet the industrialized countries need to cooperate. Sri Lanka on behalf of the Serbian plum Revo steel project, Malaysia Malaysia Kuantan Industrial Park, 3.5 million tons of steel project, Indonesia 600,000 tons of nickel iron smelting project, two projects fiberglass Egypt, Kazakhstan, one million tons of cement clinker and other items a batch production cooperation projects steadily.
Fourth, make up the short board, service enterprises overseas investment, improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system. Strengthen foreign policy consultation, and promote cooperation for my country enterprises to create a fair competitive environment and support qualified enterprises to develop overseas investment, and stronger industrial chain key areas and weak links, and expand the effective supply of high-end. January to June, non-financial overseas direct investment in $ 88.86 billion, an increase of 58.7%. Railway Corporation, the Chinese car signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Deutsche Bahn, Siemens and other companies to jointly explore the global market.
Fifth, reduce costs, optimize the multinational business environment, market barriers and break the financing bottleneck. Give full play to the role of multi-bilateral capacity and investment cooperation mechanism to promote national cooperation to facilitate the introduction of measures to reduce the practical difficulties of enterprises in the labor access, work visas, mutual recognition of professional qualifications and standards, etc., reduce business transaction costs of institutional transnational business. Continue to promote the implementation of the visa facilitation arrangements under the framework of the Sino-Kazakh cooperation capacity to play a demonstration effect. The new China-Africa Cooperation Fund capacity to promote EU-China joint investment fund - the Arab (UAE) Investment Cooperation Fund and other multilateral and bilateral funds Choushe work, key projects to reduce financing costs. Deepening the reform of foreign debt, from January to June registration enterprise overseas issue size 71.5 billion US dollars.
Sixth, risk prevention, strengthen the protection of overseas interests, and regulate foreign competition order. Actively cooperate with relevant departments to promote risk prevention and control system and capacity building, strengthening of major risk monitoring and assessment, early warning and disposal. Promoting cooperation States strengthen security for Chinese enterprises and citizens. Strengthen enterprise risk warning and guidance, and strengthen the main responsibility, as appropriate, to guide enterprises to increase investment in security, optimize foreign cooperation modalities and mechanisms for risk diversification. Play the role of industry organizations, to promote enterprise "Baotuan sea."
About double hit
First, the double hit good momentum of development. New enterprises, newly registered enterprises continue to maintain a rapid growth in the first half the average daily new registered companies for about 14,000, a new record high. Financing start-ups in the first half of the GEM IPO to raise volume grew 75.4%, three new board number listed respectively in 2015 and 2014 of 2 and 5 times more. Patents and conversions, patent applications trend values continue to rise, technology contract turnover trend values decline, but technical service contracts increased significantly, electronics and information technology, modern transportation and urban construction continued to be the three most popular areas.
Second demonstration bases steadily. I Commission, together with relevant departments and more than a dozen provinces, to accelerate the progress of construction of demonstration bases double hit. At present, the work program has 28 demonstration bases by experts, it will be announced to the public recently.
The third is "a sound China 'ongoing activities. In order to create a double hit atmosphere, good 2016 "Dual Year Week" warm May to October, I double hit Authority combination with China Association for Science demonstration bases in parts of the country held "a sound China" Relay Tour activity. 7 stations have started to organize activities in Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hefei. This month in Chongqing, Tianjin, Shenyang and other places to continue its activities.
A second aspect of the supply-side structural reforms especially in the steel industry to coal production situation
In accordance with the CPC Central Committee and State Council, deployment, supply-side structural reforms "three to fill a drop a" five key tasks are strong, there are degrees, promote and implement effective, here I focus on what works to produce new progress. August 4, steel coal industry to resolve excess capacity and turnaround development inter-ministerial joint conference held a national teleconference, to convey learning the recent State Council leaders about the important instructions written instructions, before briefing seven months of the regional progress and special enforcement action to carry out the situation, and the next step for deployment.
By the end of July, the country has a total production capacity of more than 9500 exit coal million tons, 38% of the annual task, exit cumulative steel production capacity of more than 2100 million tons, 47% of the amount of the annual task. Although progress has accelerated since July, compared with more than half the time, more than half of the requirements of the task is still some distance. In order to ensure the completion of the objectives and tasks of this year, the meeting clearly, firmly and realistically the five tasks: First, to carry out the work progress, use of funds and other issues of special supervision, progress is slow, ineffective work place, supervise the handling, serious accountability. Second, they eliminate backward production capacity, the project to clean up illegal and three joint law enforcement special operations, dealt with severely exposed to the public a number of typical cases. The third is to urge all regions to seize the introduction of specific measures for implementation placement of workers, promote the introduction of the relevant departments to resolve the iron and steel industry coal financial debt as soon as possible specific measures. Fourth, good iron and steel industry clean-up projects for the record verification and reporting project investigation, actively promote coal reduction replacement, and strictly control new capacity to work. Fifth, accelerate the improvement of coal iron and steel enterprise credit record, the inclusion of dishonesty blacklist of enterprises joint discipline. Meeting urged all localities sure to take strong measures to ensure the completion of annual objectives and tasks.
Thirdly, electricity and transport logistics operation
About power operation. January to July, total electricity consumption of 3.3121 trillion kwh, an increase of 3.6%, an acceleration of 2.8 percentage points. July month, the total electricity consumption 552.3 billion kwh, an increase of 8.17 percent year on year growth rebounded sharply 9.49 percentage points.
Rapid growth of electricity picked up mainly by high temperatures and a low base last year affected. July, more sustained high temperatures in large areas, the national average temperature of 22.7 ℃, higher than the same period the year 0.9 ℃, is the third highest since the same period in 1961. Affected by the rapid rise in air conditioning cooling load, generating capacity and electricity load record highs. Last year in July, total electricity consumption fell 1.32%, and further raise the growth rate of electricity this year.
From power generation situation, the recent national key hydropower plants runoff is still good, clean energy consumptive efforts of all parties. July, hydropower, nuclear power generation continued to grow rapidly, thermal power generation growth has turned positive, an increase of 12.7%, respectively, 18% and 4.4%; from January to July, the national water and electricity, nuclear power, thermal power generation capacity increased by 13.2 %, 24.5% and down 1.9%.
On transport and logistics operation. The first half of the whole society cargo volume increased by 3.1%, the growth rate increased 0.9 percentage points over the first quarter. Among them, the highway freight volume grew 4.4%; rail freight fell 7.5 percent, a decline narrowed by 1.5 percentage points compared with the first quarter; waterway freight volume increased by 1.3%. The total social logistics calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 6.2%, the growth rate of the first quarter increased 0.2 percentage points.
Fourth aspect, the work invested
The first is our commission approval approve fixed asset investment projects.
In July, the Commission approved a total I approved 18 investment projects in fixed assets, with a total investment of 59.4 billion yuan. These projects are mainly concentrated in transportation, water and high-tech fields. Specific conditions for everyone to published material.
The second is the 11 categories of major national construction package progress.
Since September 2014 I appointed the 11 categories of major projects launched since the package by the end of June this year, has invested a total of 6.1917 trillion yuan, has started 48 projects, 405 projects. Specific conditions for everyone to published material.
Fifth, the price run and Regulated Prices
On the part of the price of goods and services. Introduces July circumstances food, pig grain price ratio, steel, nonferrous metals, oil products wholesale price. Related content published material.
On price reporting and disposal. July 12358 price monitoring platform running smoothly, the first economic sanctions amount in a single month more than 100 million yuan. Full month platform received a total price reports, complaints, letters, consulting 59396, an increase of 2.64%, the chain increased 4.39%.
On the stability of the disaster area market price order. Since July, the Yangtze River, north and other regions there is more local round of heavy rains, severe floods in some areas. I Commission and the relevant local price departments to effectively assumed responsibility, relying on the 12358 platform price regulation, pay close attention to market dynamics, the first time correction processing of a number during floods disrupt the normal market price order violations, to maintain a normal market price order. Overall, the market price stable order in the affected areas, and all kinds of living adequate relief supplies, the price level remained stable, good market order.
A sixth aspect of economic reform situation
As of now, I am entrusted by the Central Committee of the first annual key reform tasks led, 14 have been issued or countersigned reporting, there are four upcoming submitted to the State, there are three departments are countersigned. The remaining five are scheduled Speeding. About me Committee led reform tasks. July 24, the Central Office issued vehicles have changed, "do a good job of local enterprises and institutions official car system reform," which defined the local enterprises, vehicles have changed deadlines. In July, industry associations chambers of commerce decoupling Joint Working Group Office issued "on doing the second batch of national trade associations and chambers of commerce executive decoupling experimental work notice", to participate in the second batch of 144 pilot decoupling national trade association Chamber of Commerce specific requirements for the pilot.
Today, I will introduce six aspects of this case. Enter the following Q & A session, welcome to ask questions, each reporter to ask a question, before questions about self-reported by the media representatives.
Xinhua News Agency reporters:
After the first half of the economic data come out, we also note that the three northeastern provinces of economic growth in general show differentiation trend, the overall growth rate in four plates in a downward relatively fast. We also from the Development and Reform Commission official WeChat learned recently XU Shi Zhuren and He Lifeng, deputy director of the three northeastern provinces were led to do a special investigation. We want to look at the situation from the research, the current economic situation in the three northeastern provinces of how kind? The next step for the revitalization and development of the northeast region, the NDRC what measures will be taken? Thank you!
Zhao Xin Chen:
Thank you for your question, and thank you very much for my committee official micro letter, microblogging concern, I welcome everyone to pay attention to the Commission's micro-channel, microblogging, we will provide a lot of information daily routine.
Indeed, as you said, the beginning of August I appointed Xu Shaoshi Shizhu Ren, He Lifeng, deputy director, respectively, led to the Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces to carry out an investigation. Through research we learned that the first half of this year, the face of downward pressure on the economy, and actively respond to the three northeastern provinces, and there have been some positive changes to the good momentum. The first half of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces area GDP growth year on year, respectively, 5.7%, 6.7% and 1%, compared with a quarter have rebounded, industry differentiation between different regions is indeed obvious.
From the province, the first half of Jilin economic growth rate reached 6.7%, this figure has been unchanged and the country's growth rate, 5.7% growth in Heilongjiang, basically stable, the growth rate is 1% over the same period in Liaoning, downward pressure is still large. From inside the three provinces, the industry is relatively pluralistic, active private economy, industrial upgrading and fast, the economy of stabilizing the situation presents. For example, Harbin, Changchun, Jiamusi local production in the first half GDP growth of 7.2%, 7%, 8.7%, respectively. The traditional industries of resource-exhausted cities concentrate economic downward pressure is still large. From the industry perspective, changing to adapt to market demand for better development of new industries, high-end equipment manufacturing, robotics, biological medicine, new materials and other industrial output growth in more than 10%. As we saw Shenyang Machine Tool of intelligent machines, new orders more than 1 million units in annual sales will reach 200 million units. Tourism development situation is relatively good. The traditional "original prefix" "First name" industry generally weak growth, coal, metallurgy, petrochemical and manufacturing some of the equipment of industrial added value year on year negative growth.
Next we will follow the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and State Council, thoroughly implement the document issued on the 7th of this year and in 2014 the country issued document No. 28 spirit, combined with the current economic situation in the Northeast, and quickly introduce a more targeted, more effective support measures to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of both central and local, and vigorously promote supply-side structural reforms to further promote the reform of key areas of state-owned enterprise reform, accelerate the development of new dynamics of development of the new economy, to support and promote the Northeast through reform and opening up to the revival.
In order to implement the work more clear and specific, with the consent of the State Council, we recently forthcoming "to promote northeast China and other old industrial bases rolling three-year implementation plan." Clearly 2016-2018 major task to be introduced and planned to start construction of major projects, major policies around improve the institutional mechanisms to promote structural adjustment, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, protect and improve people's livelihood in four areas, by year identified 137 focus jobs. To support these priorities, further supporting the proposed total of 127 major projects, involving transportation, energy, water conservancy, industry, agriculture, urban and rural construction. This embodiment has been approved by the State Council recently issued soon, will be issued after the Great efforts should be implemented.
Here also like to thank the media to fully and objectively reporting the status quo of economic and social development in Northeast China, concerned about the progress and effectiveness of the northeast region in improving business and investment environment, enhance the ability of major technical equipment research, fostering the growth of new industries and achieved. I hope many, the whole point of attention to the Northeast economy, widely cohesion positive energy, jointly create a favorable environment in Northeast overall revitalization good. Thank you!
Beijing TV reporter:
We note that in the "Beijing, Tianjin Cooperative Development Plan" is mentioned, transport, ecology and industry should take the lead in three areas to achieve a breakthrough, we would like to know that this year the development of these areas? Thank you!
Zhao Xin Chen:
Thank you for your question. To the first breakthrough in the three key areas of transportation, ecology, industry, this year, to promote the implementation of a number of driven, complementary, strong integration of major projects, he played for steady growth, an important role in promoting reform, structural adjustment . Now I simply sub-area again and give you some introduction.
First, vigorously promote the integration of transportation construction. Jing Zhang, large sheet railway line started, Ben Thanh Beijing railway has been approved, Beijing Chinatown intercity rail program initially identified, Beijing and Taiwan, Beijing-Qinhuangdao, Capital Region and a number of high-speed ring road "broken road" and "road bottleneck" is open up or expansion. Beijing's new airport terminal and rail transit projects progressed smoothly. Beidaihe airport put into operation, Tianjin Dagang Port, Tangshan Port, the deep water channel project preparatory work actively promote. Beijing, Tianjin and Communications Card scope has covered nine cities in the region, issued a total of more than 30,000 card exchange.
Second, we continue to strengthen ecological and environmental protection. And water pollution prevention and control coordination mechanism atmosphere of Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas to further improve information sharing, the EIA consultation, joint prevention and other aspects play an active role. Haihe River Basin, Luanhe river valley comprehensive improvement and Hengshui Lake, ecological protection and restoration efforts continue to increase the Guanting Reservoir. Taihang Mountain greening, "Three North" Shelterbelt, coastal shelterbelt and other key ecological projects and accelerate reforestation Plain, Beijing, Tianjin and three provinces in the first half, respectively, completed the afforestation of 12.5 acres, 55.4 acres and 237.3 acres. 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Green Project is accelerating implementation.
Third is to actively promote industrial upgrading transfer. Beijing Hyundai Motor Cangzhou fourth plant equipment installation has been carried out, 36 enterprises have settled in Cangzhou Beijing Biomedical Biomedical Park. Tianjin and circular economy demonstration zone, Zhangbei cloud computing industry base, Shougang Jingtang two and a number of industrial parks and major cooperation projects have made positive progress. Beijing, Tianjin Region resources continue to strengthen our energy security, a North Water Transfer Project to achieve Beijing, Tianjin and water supply. Shaanxi-Beijing natural gas four-line projects under construction, West Inner Mongolia to Beijing, Tianjin and coal gas pipeline construction project preparatory work to accelerate.
I will divide the three aspects of the situation the first breakthrough in several areas for everyone to do the introduction, thank you!
Caixin Media reporter:
You mentioned the situation to the steel and coal production capacity, how do you evaluate the current progress? By the end, you can not be completed on schedule this year to production tasks? Specific to the provinces whether the project to the public, accept their supervision? Thank you!
Zhao Xin Chen:
Thank you for your question, thank you for your attention to this issue.
In fact, recently, I have been appointed continuous release a lot of steel to the coal industry capacity situation. I just made a brief introduction. I have just mentioned, to the end of July, the annual steel production capacity to be able to complete tasks 47%, coal 38% complete, overall progress is indeed to be further accelerated. From the completion of the case, the progress is uneven throughout, although this work is after two sessions open across the country, but from the amount of the current task done, the gap does still exist, mainly in the following reasons:
First, thinking and understanding is not enough place. Some regions and enterprises do not have the responsibility as a "military order" task, the importance of coal in some places still steel production capacity to work, lack of awareness of the urgency. Some steel and coal industries was large, resolve excess capacity and heavy task area, fearing the capacity to affect economic development.
The second is afraid of difficulties still exist. Relates to the production capacity of the personnel placement, disposal of assets, debts, mergers and acquisitions, industry restructuring and industrial layout, with a certain complexity, some local governments and enterprises still shy away from heavier.
Third, price changes cause interference. Recently, steel coal prices rise to varying degrees, affected some companies and local coal for steel production capacity to resolve.
In this regard, in the August 4 meeting of the coal industry, iron and steel work to resolve the overcapacity in the national television and telephone conference, I appointed director, coal steel overcapacity resolve inter-ministerial meeting convener Xu Shaoshi stressed the need to resolutely implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy, the courage to act to tackle tough to Last Stand determination and courage ton output capacity, the work firmly and realistically, grasping thin, to ensure the successful completion of this year's objectives and tasks.
To this end, the National Development and Reform Commission will take the following measures to speed up the progress of production capacity:
First, the country and urge the central enterprises earnestly implement the responsibility to ensure the completion of the task. Responsibility layers break down to a specific business, project and responsible to ensure that each work, each node has time person in charge, someone supervision. This year the number of Yajian specific and clear to every device, every mine to ensure that the task complete closure.
Second, the implementation of monthly reporting notification system. Production work to go around the monthly progress report can inform, encourage the advanced, spur behind. Just now you mentioned the situation will periodically throughout the complete briefing, we will start from August periodic briefing report.
Third is to strengthen supervision and inspection on the ground, to ensure the completion of the mission objectives. In accordance with the instructions of the State Council requirements, inter-ministerial meeting will soon go to the country to carry out inspection work in full capacity, accountability, strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure the completion of the mission objectives.
I will answer this question here. Thank you.
Reuters reporters:
In 2009, China in response to the last round of economic crisis, the introduction of policies to encourage the development of some industries, some industries is exactly what the current overcapacity relatively large number of industries, including steel coal. Chinese production capacity to process policy seems you think the role is not particularly good, there is a drag on the whole economy, and even affect the world economy, to ask how you think?
Zhao Xin Chen:
Thank you for your question, you mentioned a certain point of view of representation. For some time, we do also see the international and domestic media a number of similar opinion, I would say, you mentioned a similar point of view and the view was totally unjustified. I would like to take this opportunity to make some comments:
The first round of overcapacity is a global problem, the primary reason is the 2008 US subprime mortgage crisis triggered by the collapse of the real estate bubble and shrinking global market demand, resulting in many industries worldwide surplus. For example, crude oil, in this case I do not say we all know. Such as shale oil and gas, US inventories continue to increase. For example, iron ore, Australia's iron ore mining capacity has a surplus. For example, the global automotive market is saturated, and so on. Many areas of many industries have a surplus. Just from the steel industry, the iron and steel production in many countries are faced with the problem of surplus, this is a global problem, capacity utilization is generally not high. We looked to see some data, in 2014 the global crude steel capacity utilization was 73.4%, also in this year, China's crude steel production capacity utilization rate of 73.6%, capacity utilization in the domestic and the global average is considerable.
Second, China's iron and steel and other industrial products are mainly used to meet domestic demand. China is a developing country, is mainly used for the production of iron and steel and other industrial products to meet domestic demand. Our future development of urbanization, the development of manufacturing, infrastructure and so on have a great demand for steel. The proportion of exports, China has long been a net importer of steel, starting in 2006, it was transformed from a net importer to a net exporter. We looked, from 2006 to 2015, this decade, China's exports accounted for only 10% of production, significantly lower than the same period the proportion of exports to other major steel-producing countries. From a policy-oriented point of view, our country does not encourage a large number of steel exports, on the contrary, to curb steel high-load, high-energy exports, it has also been taken to levy export tariffs, reduce export tax rebate rate and other measures.
Third, the Chinese government to resolve the overcapacity is active, and it is very serious. For the overcapacity problem, the Chinese government does not evade, do not slack off, take the initiative to resolve the guide, do a good job. Since 2013, all aspects of the relevant departments issued a series of policies and regulations to guide enterprises to solve overcapacity. In February, the State Council issued "on the steel industry to resolve the overcapacity achieve turnaround development of opinions" for resolving steel overcapacity made a comprehensive plan explicitly requested to be in the "five" elimination basis of backward steel production capacity in the next five re Yajian crude steel production capacity of one hundred million to 150 million tons this year, crude steel production capacity to 45 million tons Yajian. January-July we have completed 47% of the target task is still to take further effective measures to ensure the completion of annual objectives and tasks.
Fourth, the Chinese government initiated the idea of a common response. Overcapacity is a worldwide problem, all countries have a responsibility. China is opposed to zero-sum game thinking and protectionist practices, and accusations against each other prevarication. Engage in dumping, there is no way to fight a trade war, simply to Yajian how much capacity, how to judge a country's export capacity to reduce the effectiveness is not scientific.



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