NDRC largest in the history of efforts to wipe out the bars of total pressure can be cut by 20%

According to the current provinces published list Yajian steel production, producer of steel for private enterprises, Liaoning, Fujian, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangxi and other places to be steel particularly rampant.
Hidden in custody at the soft underbelly "to be China Aluzinc Steel Sheet Coil," China's steel production capacity to focus on the next culling targets.
September 12, the National Development and Reform Commission to resolve the coal industry, iron and steel overcapacity and development turnaround Ministerial Joint Office, Ming Chuan telegram issued "briefing" to crack down on manufacturing and selling "to be steel," and other illegal activities.
Development and Reform Commission urged all relevant areas to within its jurisdiction illegal construction steel project and the illegal manufacture and sale of behavior "to be steel" and other steel products, conduct a "dragnet" comprehensive survey of the illegal acts found to be severely punished timely reporting and investigation results public exposure, "do find severely dealt with, along with exposure, determined not stay dead."
"In 2014, total sales of Henan Anyang Iron and Steel (Anyang Iron and Steel) brand rebar 8 million tons, but production of rebar safety steel own only 1.5 million tons." Metallurgical Industry Planning Research Institute Li Chong said some ground strip regular steel fake brand into the market, not only exacerbated the overcapacity, also resulting in a "Gresham's Law," the strange phenomenon.
Li Chong said China's current presence of about 80 million tons of steel production capacity to bars, but hidden strong, and the interests of the chain complex, accurate output to the bars so far unknown.
To elongate strip steel is a steel billet rolling inferior finished product, due to the early casting mold as the ground trenching named. Such products typically steel waste iron and steel melting furnace IF, then pour into cooled from within a simple cast iron mold. Meanwhile neither any laboratory analysis, quality control and no temperature, etc., to produce a large number of low-quality products, not only a huge security risk for the construction, environmental issues are also prominent.
"Country in 2002 began a large-scale special treatment, ban to bars, but repeated, that the fundamental interests." Analysts said the steel strip due to low production costs and large profit margins, "In addition to rewarding the producers can profits, local governments turning a blind eye is not as one of the reasons, after all, a highly profitable steel enterprises can bring good jobs and tax revenue. "
In addition to strictly control new capacity, the Development and Reform Commission and relevant departments should organize a good elimination of backwardness, clean up illegal construction projects, three joint law enforcement special operations, establish a sound system of reports received, published on the illegal construction of steel production capacity and selling " to bars "and other violations of the hotlines, to accept public supervision, to" maintain a high pressure situation of illegal behavior. "
In accountability efforts respect Reform Commission specifically asked to fight against the new steel production capacity and the illegal manufacture and sale of steel products is not firm, resolve excess capacity working poor, and even engage in local protection to illegal production and selling "to be steel" Enterprise act as "umbrella", failure to report the relevant regions and departments, according to the law strictly pursue the responsibility of leadership and relevant staff about, "will not be tolerated."
Recently, CCTV Jiangsu Xinyi illegal production and sale of small steel exposed. The Commission believes that the incident "has produced more adverse social impact," to effectively resolve the overcapacity in the steel work to bring more serious negative impact.
NDRC Jiangsu ferreting out causes of the incident, as not seriously investigated, those responsible for the chaos someone's act of illegal enterprises complete water power, removal of production equipment, clean up the plant, the confiscation of the means of production, confiscation of products, and strengthen accountability, severely punished and exposed to the public and businesses involved.
"This thorough investigation of the intensity of the biggest ever, but effectiveness remains to be seen how, after all, to be steel enterprise viability beyond the imagination of regulators." Shanghai Steel Union's "My steel net" Xu Xiangchun Chief Information Officer, said, according to the current provincial City has published a list of Yajian steel production capacity, to be steel production capacity of the total pressure to cut more than 20% energy. Producer of steel are private enterprises, Liaoning, Fujian, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangxi and other places to be steel particularly rampant.
Due to the production of steel strip is too subtle, difficult to find, is the main problem facing the lack of supervision. Analysts said a large part to be steel industry has undergone years of "mopping up" the next, has a face-lift, free enterprise name has the word "steel", adding difficult investigation.
But this does not mean that no investigation "door." Analysts believe that the production of "places bars" requires a lot of electricity and water, we need to stop production Dedicated power supply, as long as the electricity sector, electricity consumption can understand where abnormalities contribute technical supervision departments found to be steel dens . The most simple and effective measures to combat producer of steel, is to cut off the power supply.
The "Bulletin" should be made to dismantle immediately "to be steel" production capacity and backward production capacity, it can not be "without eliminating the Amoy" to prevent "ground bars" and backward production capacity, "resurgence."
"Rely solely on the power sector supervision is not enough, you also need to increase the quality inspection departments of the company's law enforcement inspection, once it found outdated equipment shall take enforcement measures to stop production." Analysts will also require completely sealed sales path to the bars, increase the supervision and inspection of construction sites, the steel used on site for quality sampling, for the use of the site to be steel companies punished.



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