North American crude steel output dips in November

According to the recent data published by the World Steel Association, the crude steel production by North American countries plunged lower by 13.7% during the month of November year-on-year. The production totaled 8.394 Mt in November this year as against 9.729 Mt recorded in Nov ’14.

The total crude steel production by Canada during November this year was 910,000 t, down significantly by 5.2% when compared with the November 2014 production. The US produced 6.089 Million tonnes of crude steel, considerably lower by 15.6% when compared to 7.216 Million tonnes production achieved during November 2014. The total crude steel production by Mexico edged lower by 9.5% from 1.447 Mt in November ‘14 to 1.310 Mt in November this year.

The Cuban crude steel production increased sharply by 17.9% year-on-year to 25,000 tonnes. The crude steel output by El Salvador was estimated at 10,000 tonnes in November this year, down 18.7% when compared with November last year. Guatemala produced 40,000 tonnes in November, more or less flat when compared with the production during the same month a year before. The crude steel output by Trinidad & Tobago nosedived by over 69% in November this year to 10,000 tonnes from 32,000 tonnes during same month the previous year.

The following table provides cumulative crude steel output for the first eleven months in 2015 in comparison with those during same period in 2014.



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