Qinghai three-year phase-out plan steel production capacity of 500,000 tons

Qinghai People's Government on the implementation of the supply-side structural reforms in the field of industrial engineering
Green politics [2016] No. 41
Municipalities, autonomous prefectures and the people's government, the provincial government commissions, offices, departments, bureaus:
To fully implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the supply-side structural reforms spirit, combined with the actual development of the province, in the industrial field to promote "strong innovation, to capacity on technical innovation, reduce costs, anti-risk" as the focus of the supply side of the structure reforms with reforms that promote structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and cultivate new momentum to achieve sustained and stable growth of the province's industrial economy, the development of this opinion.
First, the general requirements, basic principles and main objectives
(A) general requirements, adhere to the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches and important instructions spirit Qinghai work as a guide, according to the national macro-policy to be stable, industrial policy to be accurate, micro policies to live, to be real reform policies, social policies to underpinning the general requirements, conscientiously implement the Party secretary Luo Huining, governor Hao Peng requirements for important instructions to promote supply-side structural reforms to enhance competitiveness of the industrial economy as the goal, adhere to the concept of green low-carbon development cycle, advancing innovation-driven, actively and steadily resolve excess capacity, promote industrial enterprises cost efficiency and key state-owned enterprise reform and turnaround, efforts to expand the effective investment, efforts to increase the effective supply, efforts to improve the supply system quality and efficiency, to build a new industrial system has Qinghai characteristics provide strong support.
(B) the basic principles
--- Adhere to the supply-side structural reforms initiative to adapt to the new economic normality in promoting supply-side structural reforms, the initiative to adapt to the new normal economy, reform and innovation as a focal point for critical structural optimization, to resolve the resources, energy, environment and other constraints, the expansion of effective and high-end supply and enhance the supply structure to changes in demand adaptability and flexibility, improve total factor productivity, the supply system to better meet the needs of structural change, fostering new dynamics of steady industrial growth.
--- Adhere to the new supply-side structural reforms to enhance the level of circular economy, adhere to the concept of green low-carbon development cycle, focusing on supply and demand from both ends of the force, and strive to improve the comprehensive utilization of resources, promote industrial agglomeration cycle of development, consolidate and enhance a large area cycle, industry cycles and enterprise small cycles of circular economy industrial system, to promote the upgrading of traditional industries, cultivate strategic emerging industries, the formation of new economic growth pole.
--- Adhere to the supply-side structural reforms to cultivate new market players vitality prominent business market players, promote decentralization, strengthening policy support, optimize the development environment, support the real economy revitalized. Make the state-owned economy, and actively develop mixed ownership economy accelerated spawned a number of prominent main business, with the core competitiveness of the key advantages of enterprises, support for training a number of growth-oriented, technology-based small and medium micro enterprises, the market continues to expand the size of the body, enhance the development of energy market players.
--- Adhere to the supply-side structural reforms to create a new impetus to industrial development. Around the implementation of "Made in China 2025", start the implementation of industry "4322" project. Efforts to promote the four billion dollar industry, the implementation of 300 key industrial projects, do a good job 200 technological transformation and innovation projects tackling, enhance corporate innovation and development capability to accelerate the industry towards high-end level.
--- Adhere to the supply-side structural reforms to open up the integration of the two situation. Accelerate and promote a new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology integration and development, promote the industrial production of information, intelligence, promote industrial data, cloud computing, enterprise-wide Internet application processes and comprehensive integration of the whole industrial chain. promote Internet-based application model, service model and business model innovation, expand the network of economic development.
(C) The main goal accordance with the "breaking year, stable for two years, three years to enhance the" schedule requirements, and strive through three years of efforts, the industrial enterprises significantly improve the ability of independent innovation, R & D investment accounted for provincial technical center proportion of sales revenue reached 3 %, a total of 600 technological transformation projects. "zombie" companies to classify properly dispose completed 500,000 tons of steel, 276 million tons of coal Yajian goal. elimination of backward production capacity of 2.25 million tons of various types of industrial technological transformation of enterprises to invest an average annual growth more than 10% over 2015, comprehensive cost companies fell more than 4% .18 households provincial state-owned enterprises average asset-liability ratio and strive to achieve the national average, the state capital where the ratio reached 101% of industrial economic growth and stability in the forefront of the northwest, in the country's top ranking increased year by year.
Second, the key tasks
Highlighting key areas and key links, restricting efforts to solve deep-seated problems of industrial development, industrial development to build a new engine of growth and development model, effectively promote the province's industrial transformation and upgrading of quality and efficiency.
(A) sustained strong innovation through technological innovation, system innovation, business innovation, the creation of new effective supply, power conversion to achieve development, improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth. First, institutional innovation to create an environment and further improve scientific research and innovation incentives, achievements, corporate finance, talent introduction, integration of the two other systems, improve the research with the innovation system, optimize the allocation system elements, factors of production to focus on innovation. Second, the technological innovation driven upgrade the implementation of "one hundred innovative poverty projects "breakthroughs in common key technologies, strengthen the application of scientific and technological achievements, to speed up the build lithium battery, new materials, solar thermal and photovoltaic comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources 4 billion industry. Third, the power conversion business innovation. innovative public support entrepreneurial innovation Peoples platform support, through tax support, industry leading fund and other measures to foster growth, high-tech small and medium micro enterprises and promote new technologies, new formats, new models, new industrial and economic development. Fourth, quality branding advantages strengthening corporate brand awareness, the pursuit of excellence in the field of salt chemical industry, new energy, new materials, bio-pharmaceutical industry and other characteristics has fostered a number of independent intellectual property rights in the country Qinghai influential brand.
(B) the capacity to actively and steadily Around resolve excess capacity, clearing key areas of "zombie" companies, etc. First, a number of restructuring and encourage market-based mergers and acquisitions, differentiated policies play a guiding role, to support enterprises through mergers and reorganization of had difficulties, revitalized. the second is a group clearing. do thorough investigation of the loss of self-healing and development capacity, must rely on non-market factors in the survival of the enterprise, comprehensive use of legal, economic, technical and administrative means, via a one-off stop exit, to achieve market clearing. Third, out of a group. by raising the bar and exclusion criteria, to be eliminated after the technological transformation of the main technical indicators are not standard production equipment. accelerate the elimination of a number of small-scale, high energy consumption, heavy pollution enterprises, to make room for the development of advanced production capacity. Fourth, strictly control increment for industries with excess production capacity is no longer approved for the record, and where the new, must be replaced by an equal amount of the reduction principle of reciprocity.
(Iii) focus on technical innovation. Focus on "the technical innovation" and to promote the upgrading of old industrial areas combined, through the implementation of "one hundred transform and upgrade project", to promote the technological transformation of traditional industries as the focus. Focus on information based industrialization development comprehensively improve product technology, process equipment, energy efficiency and environmental conservation, accelerate the extension of industrial chain and industrial integration, to create new competitive advantages the traditional characteristics of industries. strengthen science and technology leading, innovation-driven, increase the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment application efforts to accelerate the existing low-end production equipment, technology upgrading, promotion of aluminum, steel, iron alloy, cement, glass and other industries to high-quality, high-end, green transformation and development.
(Iv) Take Measures to reduce costs. Reduce overall costs and introduce a series of policies and positive one is to reduce the tax burden. Full implementation and universality of national structural tax to reflect national and reduce costs for related tax policy. reduce costs policy. implementation of enterprise inventory management fees. implementation of existing unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance policy rates reduced stepwise to reduce unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance rates and housing provident fund deposit ratio according deployment of national unity, consolidation Second, lower component costs. continued to promote electricity consumers to deal directly with power generation enterprises, implementation of industrial gas market reform policy, the implementation of the railway "one price" and other policies to increase highway tolls preferential, lower implementation medical care, maternity insurance policy. enterprise electricity, gas and logistics costs. Third, reduce financing costs. push financial institutions revolving loans, rolling loans, continue to expand the scope of the subject Xudai policy applies to further increase the violation charges clear norms and supervision punishment, strictly regulate service charges, prohibit toll quality price match and no service overcharged. continuous innovation and financing tools to optimize financing options, broaden the financing channels for enterprises to actively provide financial advisory services to promote the integrated enterprise to take publicly traded shares issuance, transfer of shares, bonds offerings, etc., optimize the financing structure, reduce financing costs. high interest rates reduce corporate "bridge" financing costs, a reasonable set of small and medium micro enterprises working capital loan. provincial and play a good credit insurance policies guarantee company Group effect, reducing the comprehensive financing cost integrated use of industry investment fund, after grants, project loans and discount policies to reduce financial costs. Fourth, strengthen internal management. encourage and support enterprises to actively carry out internal cost reduction and efficiency, strengthen management of the production and marketing of stocks held in a reasonable range, strengthen technological innovation to reduce energy and material consumption, through a comprehensive cost management and control, encourage enterprises to improve efficiency.
(E) comprehensive measures of risk prevention. Support state-owned enterprises reduce the debt ratio, to prevent and resolve risks. One is to carry out rescue efficiency. Implementation of key enterprise reform and turnaround efficiency engineering, Xining Special Steel, Western Mining Group, Salt Lake Group and other companies through mergers and acquisitions, private placement, asset securitization, the introduction of strategic investment, divest non-core business assets, disposal of non-performing assets, and increase internal restructuring, reduce the debt ratio, enhance profitability, encourage enterprises to increase upgrading efficiency. the second is to optimize the asset structure. promoting investment provincial state-owned capital investment and operating company pilot study to establish the provincial asset management companies, the establishment of industrial development fund to strengthen the mergers and acquisitions, do a good job of "zombie" companies and inefficient assets invalid disposal of state-owned capital structure optimization. actively and steadily develop a mixed ownership economy, state-owned capital to explore diversified effective operation mode. the third is prudent to do the work placement of workers. adhere to corporate body, local organizations, according to the law, encourage enterprises to rely on the existing site, facilities, technology, opening up new jobs, internal shunt placement of surplus staff; increase skills training, entrepreneurship training, business guidance, policy support and service efforts for tracking personnel in line with the policy conditions may apply Early retirement; for really difficult to market older have difficulty finding employment and zero-employment families who, through public service jobs underpinning help.
Third, safeguards
Establish a favorable supply-side structural reforms to promote the policy environment, strengthen the reform measures fall to ensure that all work smoothly.
(A) strengthen the organization and leadership of the founding of structural reforms leading industrial group, is responsible for overall coordination of structural reform the province's industrial areas, and strengthen development and reform, finance, science and technology, land, environmental protection, finance and other departments and cities and states, park convergence of communication and timely solutions to major problems, the implementation of reform policies and measures to strengthen security services. liability five refine target specific embodiment, a clear progress to ensure the industry supply-side structural reforms in key tasks completed on schedule.
(B) increase the fiscal and financial support to seriously implement the Central Branch of the People's Bank of Xining, the provincial finance office nine departments "on the financial support enterprise supply-side structural reforms to promote the steady growth of industrial structural adjustment increase efficiency view", and actively promote government funds credit, bonds, funds, insurance and other combination of various financing combinations effectively expand social investment.
Give full play to the development of investment fund industry, the role of circular economy development fund, the SME Development Fund, the state-owned asset management companies, debt steadily, to support technological innovation, technological innovation, lower financing costs, and increase financial support for non-financial enterprises efforts to dispose of bad assets acquired, effectively reduce provincial corporate assets and liabilities contributed to prevent debt risk.
(Iii) strengthen scientific and technological support. Talented gathering, promotion and use of the project, from research and development to improve conversion, production and management personnel training system, speed up the training a group of strategic vision, outstanding entrepreneurs pioneering spirit, social responsibility, a high level business managers and technical personnel. establish and improve the "political research with gold referral" cooperative innovation system, through policy guidance, increase spending on independent innovation guide and encourage and support enterprises to strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutes inside and outside the province and universities cooperation, relying on major science and technology projects and other programs to support joint industrial research and development of key common technologies, increase technological innovation platform and technology service platform construction, accelerate scientific and technological achievements.
(Iv) carry out corporate action benefits high level of policy detail, strong operational capacity of the cadres to focus on monitoring of industrial enterprises and 18 provincial-funded enterprises, to listen, to promote its policy, carding issues, helping enterprises to establish accounting, Perfection "pro-business supplier warm", "immediately do" mechanism to help enterprises solve the outstanding difficulties and problems. urge city, state, county, and various industrial parks by local management, levels of responsibility principle, helping to arrange cadres associated point key enterprises, Taiwan various types of accounts solve outstanding problems affecting and restricting the development of enterprises, efforts to build a covering industrial enterprises above designated size, normalization propelled into the enterprise service work pattern.
(V) to strengthen the urge to perform. Coordination Leading Group Office of the provincial government Du Chashi, from time to time to carry out key tasks the implementation of supervision and inspection, to strengthen tracking the results of the responsibility is not implemented, the measures are not in place, it does not work with the departments and personnel, serious accountability to ensure that the reform initiatives have arranged with supervision, see action, seek practical results. At the same time, actively carry out the effectiveness evaluation, full use of various media resources, multi-form and multi-channel media coverage reform performance, experience and relevant departments effective practices to support the reform, efforts to create a whole society to care, attention and support supply-side structural reforms to deepen a good atmosphere.
The comments by the provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission is responsible for the interpretation of these observations since May 1, 2016 into effect, valid until December 31, 2018.



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